Amanda Hess, College Rape, & Good2Go

Every media source of goodthink has been hammering on about the college rape crisis over the last while. California’s Yes Means Yes law was the feminist triumph of inserting the state into college bedrooms.

But one app, and the feminist response to it, shows that feminists do not actually care about consent or preventing rape in the least. All the rage over the last few years has been nothing but expanding the power of the feminist bureaucracies.

One naive woman, Lee Ann Allman,  actually thought the college rape crisis was a real problem that needed addressing, so she developed a real, practical solution to this problem. She created  an app called Good2Go. It was fairly simple: when hooking-up, the two partners both logged onto the app, stated whether they were consenting to sex, and noted their level of intoxication. It gave each partner a moment to think about if they really wanted to have sex, initiated a conversation about consent, clearly defined consent, tracked and ensured the identity of each individual involved in the hook-up, ensured the age of the participants, and then kept a log of whether consent was established or not. The mass adoption of said app for college hook-ups would virtually eliminate date rape.

So, with a practical solution to the problem of campus rape at hand, feminists, of course, rejoiced lifting their hands in praise and showering Allman with praises. Right? Because feminists really do want a solution to the campus rape epidemic, don’t they?

Nope, instead they protested so hard that the Apple store actually removed the app for being objectionable. ‘How dare anyone try to actually solve the campus rape crisis!

Amanda Hess at Slate, one of the leaders in the attack on Good2Go, demonstrates fully the depths of depravity of the feminists on this issue. In her first attack she (self-contradictorily) argues it’s both inconvenient and doesn’t define exactly define every sex act being consented to in explicit detail and logging consent for each individual act. Also, the evil company logs the information so that it can be found by law enforcement if an accusation of rape is made. (How dare those assholes help law enforcement ascertain the truth of an accusation!)

To put the cherry on the top of her attack she writes this:

That record may help the falsely accused, but it’s unlikely to aid a real victim.

Remember, if you are falsely accused of rape you are not a real victim. You can suffer slander, have your reputation ruined, be booted out of university, have your life-plan destroyed, and  even go to jail, but that doesn’t make you a real victim. Aren’t feminists lovely?

In her article announcing the shutdown of Good2Go Hess concisely summarizes why the app is so horrible:

When Good2Go launched last month, I tested it out and concluded that it was impractical (who wants to fill out a four-minute horniness/sobriety quiz before having sex?) and insecure (the app kept a database with sexual consent records that could be accessible by law enforcement)… one college student interviewed on Today said it was “a buzzkill.”

So, according to Amanda Hess, rape is bad, but inconveniencing a horny woman is even worse. The horrors of rape can not compare to the horrors of a small quiz and being “a buzzkill”.

Also, according to Amanda Hess, law enforcement should not be allowed to investigate accusations of rape. In fact, she states that law enforcement doing so is an invasion of privacy.

It’s obvious that Amanda Hess doesn’t think college rape or accusations thereof are in any way serious.

It is possible that the app may not be the platonic ideal of a perfect consent mechanism which exists solely in the imaginary world of feminist forms but it was a serious, practical attempt to tackle the problem. But feminists rather than accepting this attempted solution and trying to help improve it so it came closer to their ideals of consent, instead jumped on it and quashed it.

What the Good2Go episode clearly demonstrates is that no one, not even feminists (other than maybe Allman), actually believes there is a campus rape epidemic occurring and that it is a serious matter that requires a real, practical solution.

Anybody paying attention can tell from this incident that the college rape epidemic is not an issue anyone thinks actually exists, nor is it an issue that actually needs to be solved. Rather it is just another talking point for feminists so they can expand feminist bureaucracy further into the university system.

In fact, feminists will attempt to destroy any real solution (and saying ‘please don’t rape’ is not a real solution) solving the issue of campus consent because that would eliminate the supposed ‘need’ for kangaroo courts, rape crisis centres, safe spaces, and other feminist bureaucracies on campus leaving otherwise unemployable feminists unemployed. Solving the issue would also rob feminists of a talking point. This is why feminists must destroy any real attempt at a practical solution and why Good2Go had to go.


  1. Absolutely spot on.

    Anybody with a non-zero amount of brain cells that reads Hess’ article comes to the conclusion that rape accusations should not be investigated, therefore rape accusations are not real. It’s blatant contradiction, right in front of your eyes.

    “In fact, feminists will attempt to destroy any real solution (…) solving the issue of campus consent because that would eliminate the supposed ‘need’ for __feminism__”


  2. But rape is real as defined by the Feminine Imperative. Since their definition of rape is if a girl has regrets about having sex, not if she gave her consent. Any technology that would establish in court that she was responsible for the “rape” will be hated. Fascists and feminists will make sure that women are forever victims. They want men in prison or living in fear about ever offending a woman or making her feel uncomfortable or regretful. These people are not well meaning, they are evil in its most deceitful wicked form.

  3. Feminists don’t want rape accusations to be investigated not because they believe they’re not real (and these female psychopaths may as well believe so, and just lie about everything), but because they want all accusations to result in convictions automatically, 100% of the time.

  4. Thank God we still have trial by jury in the United States, though who knows how long that will last. The vast majority of lopsided acquittals I hear about from people who have served on a jury are feminist rape cases. They clog up our courts with silly, absurd cases where only the most feminist-dominated jury in the world would ever convict. Sadly, these silly cases have to make it to trial because the judges fear for their jobs, if they are not feminazis themselves.

  5. “Peter Blood” The Christian faith doesn’t deal that much with insanity. That’s a primarily pagan focus, and has to do with what is apparently an extreme deficiency in paganism. Namely, intellectual pride.


  6. Endorphin junkies would rather not appreciate efforts towards ensuring safety. It removes the thrill necessary for enjoyment.

    As a sidenote, hubris and madness are not exactly synonyms.

  7. “one college student interviewed on Today said it was “a buzzkill.””
    Heh, but asking implicit permission for each and every sex act ain’t.

    I must implore all of you to stop looking at this situation through what amounts to merely a darker shade of rose colored glasses and face the truth.

    And the truth is that feminists just want women to be able to falsely accuse men of rape and get away with it!

    Don’t call her back.

    Don’t do what she wants.

    Sexually reject HER (how dare you!).

    And YOU go to jail! (or at least expulsion for now)

    Feminist rape politics is NOT irrational. Get that muddled way of thinking out of your head!

    It IS a calculated attempt to empower women through sexual blackmail.

    And more importantly, to put an end to the ‘hookup’ culture that they BITTERLY despise.

    An old saying goes “Why buy the cow if you can steal the milk.”

    We live in a culture where ‘good girls’ (overpriced whores) are outbid by sluts and internet porn (and soon VR sex).

    You don’t honestly think that feminists are telling you the truth whenever they say that they’re cool with any of this do you?

    So they reckon that if women can’t get men to pay for the cow (up front) anymore these days then they can just give a little milk away and THEN threaten to tell the police that the milk was stolen unless they buy the cow.

  8. Colleges and universities are definitely becoming “hostile environments” for young men. I’m sort of surprised that men are still going. If you get into one of the top tier ones, like a Princeton or a Harvard, I can understand you want to go because of the post-graduate networking it will afford you. But besides that I honestly can’t understand why any young man would go to college these days. If your job needs a degree because of some inane HR policy, then go to a local CC or online college.

    I think the solution for this is for young men, en-masse, to forgo or drop out of college until those suckers go bankrupt.

  9. I would rather people where forming stable marriages and raising a next generation for the good of their culture/society/empire – not trying to have random one night stands with eachother at college. While feminists are obviously being unjust here, it is hard to have sympathy for moral degenerates.

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