Lightning Round – 2014/07/09

Victor gives advice on marketing.

How to get out of the friendzone.

PUA’s thinking like women.

One red pill is not enough, if you’ve been deceived by one thing, you can be deceived by others.

We’ve already lost.
Related: The solution to civilizational collapse.
Related: The end of the left-ward ratchet?
Related: Outprogressing the progressives.

The watch must be manned.

The smearing of McCarthy.
Related: The WB makes a pro-Stalin film at FDR’s behest, which is glowingly reviewed by the NYT.

Related: Why people used to have children.

A round-up of the capitalism talks.
Related: Capitalism and entrepreneurial capitalism.

The Flores Hobbit and evolution.
Related: The deep ruin of Detroit.
Related: The wasted century.

Metal is right-wing.

The development of social norms.

Persons fleeing concept: removing the actor from the act.

Scott notices that to the social justice nominalists, words are weapons.

The anger at the Hobby Lobby is because their act of cultural war failed.

The religion of liberalism.

Religion and social trust.

Aristocracy as a tool for decreasing time preference.

Life history theory.
Related: A bunch of science links.

Gender mainstreaming is deliberate social engineering.

How IQ relates to personality.

It seems that Jayman, while right on many things, is wrong on this one: fatherhood does matter, even apart from genes.

The transition of civilization.

White working-class British children marginalized by focus on diversity.

The Africanization of America.
Related: Brazil: The future US.
Related: The Feds side with the illegal invaders.
Related: The “declining” labour force.

Civilization as an iterated prisoners dilemma.

Defensiveness marks civilizational decline.

There were four American revolutions.

The brainwashing of colleges.

Mises vs. Jesus.

You can’t get the cultural aspects of religion without the religious belief.
Related: On religious pluralism.

Christians need better art.
Related: Robbed of beauty by the left.
Related: Why modernists think ‘beauty is in the eye of the beholder’.

What humility is.

The problem of the Pharisees.

Against relevance in church.

Positivism and meaning.

Ontario “Catholic” schools, aren’t so Catholic.

The culture warriors are almost as progressive as their enemies.

Control and conflict resolution.

Why chivalry is dead.

No truth for men.

The feminist humiliations and suspicion reach everywhere.

Feminism is a spiritual disease which will run its course.

Tracy-Clarke Flory has noticed us.

TRP, looks, and ONS.

Science: Pre-selection exists.

A hamster on abandoning her children to work.
Related: Modern womanhood in all its glory.

The Veeck effect.

Physicist: Humans will not be the dominant species by 2045.

Why liberals should stop trying to help blacks.

A thorough post on guns and violence.

US military bans Bibles, but enforces Ramadan rules.

On writing with an axe to grind.

The lies of the anti-Amazon SFWA.

The decline in SF is due to pink SF/F.

On raising virtuous children.

Tips for making your kid a billionaire.

Pretend the dead lion is a baby so you won’t be as upset.

Universities raise tuition while paying hundreds of thousands for Clinton to speak.

Black lesbian privilege.

Religious people are as discriminated against in employment as blacks.

How medicine works.

H/T: Pollack, VD, Land, RPR, SDA


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