Lightning Round – 2014/04/02

Top ten challenges you’ll face as a new entrepreneur.
Related: Become madly obsessed.

Influencing others.
Related: Examples of dealing with people from Jesus.

Complaining is a sin.

Women: How to mitigate the wall.

Are men the new Mexicans?

Will starts a series of blogs: Weirdness, Culture Wars, Anarcho-tyranny, and Sunny Side.

The struggle of our time.
Related: Our battle is spiritual
Related: Our new priests.

Great post: How to understand elite multiculturalism.
Related: Batman and the need for aristocracy.

The unified theory of leftists madness.

On Unwin’s Sex and Culture.
Related: A bit of slutology.

Fight despair: Pro-create.
Related: How to win a culture war.

New neoreaction aggregator: Reaction Times.

Why white nationalism is wrong.
Related: The unique universalism of whites.
Related: A bit more on the topic.

Pathologizing the normal.

Gromar has a bit of fun.

The modern “official idea”; language and the decline.

The rifts in neoreaction.
Related: Traditionalism is the future, not the past.
Related: The need for rejecting cosmopolitanism.

The upper crust cares more about the foreign poor.

China & India; growth and endarkenment.

A creeping coup in Ukraine.
Related: The Cathedral purge of rightests begins.
Related: How Russia won.

How to deal with the left.

Study: The incompatibility between diversity and community.

The crisis of absent men in the church.

Bad things don’t happen to Christians.
Related: A blessed day.

I’m going to have to reconsider donating to World Vision.
Related: They reversed their decision. Still

MGTOW in the Daily Mail.
Related: Roosh at the Awl.

Jenny Erickson’s travails as a divorcee continue.
Related: The kind of man Jenny is looking for.
Related: The need to confront public sinners like Jenny.
Related: Jenny Erickson is sorry.

Clever women conquer men easily; only stupid women can’t.

Check your privilege. My score is 175: Shitlord.

Hey ladies, short hair is rape. The comments are great; it went right over their heads.

Chivalry is dead and that’s the way millennial women want it.

RPR finds women telling the truth about their sexual counts.

Science: For 40% of women no can mean yes

Remember, supplication only enrages feminists more.

The self-inflicted martyrdom of Belle Knox.

Stories of a woman against dating and one sick of not dating.

Did you know you can get more women in tech by dumbing down the curriculum? Surprising. More.

Parenting science: divorce is bad and home care is better for the rich; day care for the poor.
Related: Home environment may effect children.

Raising a kid on paleo.

Reddit on serial monogamy.

A bit more on Tucker Max’s new site and how it hacked the manosphere.

More on the tuition bubble.

A summary of the viking sagas.

Who are the jihadis and why aren’t there more of them?

There is coordination within the Cathedral.

The future rise of Libertarianism+?

Ridding Detroit of crime through self-defence shootings.

State kidnaps girl; judge makes it legal.

What happens when workers just don’t care anymore?
Related: Titles that show you have a worthless job.

The climate change debate is about to radically change.

Gun control advocate arrested for trafficking firearms.

The real reason for Obamacare.

Stephen Colbert isn’t progressive enough.

Belgium bans sexist speech.

The germ theory of democracy.

Comforting thought: Those in charge of launching nuclear missiles have been cheating on their tests.

White liberal moves to white neighbourhood to escape minorities. Writes about how to indoctrinate kids in anti-racism.

Canadians, remember the CWB? A few years ago this would have been illegal. Rail car shortage for farmers exacerbated because trains too busy hauling crude oil.

Humour: How banks screw you.

H/T: Isegoria, HBDC, RWCG, RPR, Rex, SDA, Bryce, NSR, SCC


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