I read my Tweets. It seems the Oscars are tonight. Who knew? Thanks Anti-Dem blog, I guess. A lesbian who had a sitcom a couple decades ago took a picture; 2 million RTs. A lot of people it seems. Society is dying.

I read a newspaper article a friend sent me. It’s from the CBC.  It seems tribalism is evil; ethnic nationalism moreso. I almost forgot. Thankfully, this one was at least written by an adult with a functioning brain and a basic grasp on reality. I read another article, this one was not. The mind revolts; I remember why I don’t read newspapers anymore.

I’m visiting family. The TV is on while we talk. Commercials come on. I haven’t seen one in months; it feels like a mental assault. The stupidity almost hurts. Do I really feel the brain cells dying or is that psychosomatic? Has anyone, ever, been even half that excited over an egg sandwich before in their life? Even more, I am insulted someone, someone with a degree and a six-figure job, thought I would actually believe somebody could get that excited. The actor’s every expression screams backpfeifengesicht, yet I would be the one to go to jail. There is no justice. Wait, if they’re making this commercial somebody must actually be convinced to buy an egg sandwich because of it; the mind reels away from the horror. Finally the pause in conversation ends; I can ignore the terror.

I am riding the bus. An ad displays an idiot who is amazed, mouth agape, the government will subsidize his renovations. Does a thousand dollar subsidy from a nameless bureaucrat really elicit such an emotional outpouring? I wouldn’t even be that amazed if my office pool won the lottery. His face looks retarded. The urge to punch something, anything, stirs, so I look elsewhere.

Another ad. It’s a mentally handicapped man, looking slightly less retarded than the renovations guy. “I’m an athlete.” Despite being better at his sport than 90% of people will ever be at anything, “I’m an athlete.” is how you advertise him? I’m an emotionally-detached asshole, yet I’ve never been that condescending to anybody in my life. Why do the Special Olympics hate disabled people?

Another ad, but of a soldier advertising the military, something noble, something worthy. Looking past the uniforms, its a woman; still sacrifice is sacrifice. ‘I love that I’m a role model.’ Shudder. I look to the quote under the other women soldier beside her, ‘People take me seriously.’ Defeat overwhelms me. Where are the calls to flag, country, patriotism, duty, honour, sacrifice, freedom, hell, even democracy, something, anything, transcendent? The army is purposefully recruiting narcissists. My biggest regret for almost over a half decade was not joining the army after high school; that regret is almost gone. Why can’t I fall asleep?

I am at work. I overhear my coworkers discussing a show I’ve never seen. I stay in my cubicle. They move to discussing football; I don’t recognize the names. I stay seated.

I scan Slate semi-regularly just to keep some connection to the mainstream news and opinions. I rage at the stupidity and asininity, but at least it’s not Salon or the NYT or HuffPo.

The headlines are increasingly infected with the Gawker voice. You know the voice; the one that sounds like Cracked headlines had a retarded step-child.

“I opted my kids out of standardized tests. I thought it was no big deal. Boy, Was I Wrong.” Here’s how someone who hadn’t drank paint as a child would write this: “Opting my kids out of standardized tests was a greater hassle than I thought.” See: 14 words in 1 flowing sentence as compared to 19 in 3 choppy sentences; much more readable and it sounds like something not written by a child who skipped his standardized tests. But I guess you must appeal to the other paint-drinkers. Can people no longer read ‘complex’ thoughts?

Also, up yours Slate. I don’t need your permission to lick a cookie-dough spoon. What kind of pathetic incompetent does? Come to think of it, what kind of worthless person even thinks about this more than, “Hey, my cookies are baking, let’s eat the leftover batter”?

Fictional TV character doesn’t understand economics! This from the same site that publishes Matthew Yglesias. The irony almost burns. Speaking of, does Matt ever write something not retarded?

Seems Pharrell’s, who sounds vaguely familiar, Happy, which does not, is the new Hey Ya, whatever that means. No one ever writes on heavy metal; c’mon Iced Earth’s new CD just dropped.

I read something in XX. It’s dripping with venom; hate seethes from every word. I check the byline, but I already guess the author. Is there any person in the world more hateful than Amanda Marcotte?

Get to Dear Prudence. Ahhh… Normal human pettiness is an amusing relief. Hmmm… It seems teaching children anal sex against the parents’ wishes is only ok if the public school does it. Good to know.

I write for my blog. Trying to find article on Gawker voice I vaguely remember reading a long time ago. Find this instead. There is actually someone who believes Gawker writes good headlines. America deserves destruction. Reason #5: “They’re written like real people talk.” Really? Reading a Gawker headline makes my bloodlust rise. If the people I spent my time with talked like that I’d be in prison. Remind me to never talk to anyone either named or friends with Andrew Hanelly; 20-to-life does not interest me.

Finish Mass Effect 3. It and the first two have been my major interactions with popular culture over the last three months. 40 hours a game, a game a month, an average of an hour a day (but more realistically one or two evenings a week). I also watched LilyHammer and House of Cards.

The more time passes the more disconnected I feel from society and culture. My knowledge of societal and cultural events around me all comes from a small internet subculture. No radio, no TV but Netflix, no newspapers, no sports but the occasional party for the ‘big game’ or ticket to the ‘local team’.

What little of culture seeps through my filters repulses me.

I’m not sure how healthy this is.  I’m not sure if the alternative is any healthier.

Am I insane? Or is everything else?


  1. I know how you feel, brother. America despises me, and the loathing is mutual. I hear Canada is the same. We are men without a people, cast away.


    No, it is not healthy. Look around you, and see the death, the rot, the sicknesses of their culture. With so much filth, you cannot be but affected. Affected, but not corrupted.

    What did you think of the ending of ME3?

    The Shadowed Knight

  2. Sounds like you are dealing with stove pipes of information and cultural sources, corrupted, moronic ones at that FNer.

    “Written how people talk”

    Is a massively important point, what ppl say and what they actually think, are entirely different beasts. Thus you are experiencing the dissonance of “that image is insipid”. That image is not how people THINK.

    At least people you’d be interested in actually talking to in an intellectual manner think. This is why a vapid culture of plastic food and plastic people behave the way it does, a entitled child screaming “look at meeee! ”

    Learned long ago to smirk a bit at it all

  3. “What little of culture seeps through my filters repulses me.

    I’m not sure how healthy this is. I’m not sure if the alternative is any healthier.

    Am I insane? Or is everything else?”

    I’m pretty sure it’s everything else. My best friend has tv and it is frequently turned on when I’m there. I tend to be either repulsed or confused. It’s rather sad that media produced in my own country and language is more alien to me than imported and translated media.

  4. I’m dealing with the same thing. I still see some TV because others in the house turn it on. If I watch, I like movies or documentaries on science, nature, history, etc. Even these are less and less common, because they are replaced with Ancient Aliens and other such drek.
    I feel like modern culture has left me behind and gone around the bend. The country I loved when I was younger has gone. Almost all people around me are blue pill and cultural Marxists, even the people who still have some values of self reliance and Christian morality have absorbed much of the worlds thinking. Heck, I’ve absorbed it myself, and by wanting to get clean, I’ll just alienate myself worse from everybody else.
    I want to argue with people and convince them of red pill truths about relationships, culture, and economics, but I’ve concluded this is hopeless. Somehow I have to learn to interact with these people without discussing these kind of issues, and ignore them or change the subject when they say there ought to be a law, or a new social program.
    After taking the red pill, I’ve tried to understand how things really work, and have thought about what kind of traditional social structures would work better, but I’ve come to the conclusion it’s hopeless. I have to find a way to get by in this messed up world. I can’t fix it.
    Many people in other parts of the world grow up always knowing the world is a messed up place. However, I used to think America, and western civilization had figured out how to provide the good life to its people. It’s very disappointing to see these illusions stripped away.

  5. I posted this on a blogpost discussing why people refuse to take the Red Pill. I think the idea applies.

    “My thoughts are that most people are not even aware that things can be different. This is not an accident. This is the result of the Progressives’ Long March through Institutions. We now learn nothing important in most educational institutions, except helplessness. The Mass Media, Government and Corporations will always collude to ensure that we will never learn that there can be another way other than what benefits them.

    The ones aware of the problem are also helpless, for they know that the system is in decay and utterly bankrupt, morally, spiritually and physically. Yet, most of them are unable to do anything to fight against the tide for in the current system he is but one man, and he may even be the only one in his family. Sure, he can share his knowledge but how many will see things for what they are and not what they are thought to be?

    In the end he will realize he is helpless, that nothing he does will be significant enough to reverse the decay. Some may prepare for that collapse. Some may wait for it eagerly. For the others they will have no choice but to embrace the system again because there is no other choice beyond complete disengagement, which is a step too far for a man with a family to feed or hoping to have a family. Like Winston Smith in 1984, most people will learn to love Big Brother, again.”

    It’s a Brave New World, our society are already addicted to soma, easy sex and shallow entertainment. It’s easier to give in, but to us who has tasted freedom, it will never be enough.

    The only way we can fight back is to do what the progressives did: Long March into their Institutions. Black Knight their ideals to highlight its contradiction. Most important of all, do not compromise God.

    Stay strong.

    PS. Hoping to see more Christian-themed posts.

  6. You are creating value. Focus on that. I have to remind myself that despair is a sin. You have said all these things yourself I know. Persuasion only reallyworks when people already hold you in high esteem. That’s why fitness and character are so important. Best people I met were into outdoor life,mountaineering etc. We cannot save this culture but have to create our own and that means leadership in the real world as well as online.

    I look forward to your postings but if it is stopping you from spending time on real world achievement then maybe you need to get a better balance. I only say this as I am prone to over analysis and procrastination

  7. I graduated HS in ’94. I’m considerably older than you. You’re not noticing anything new, just new to you. This crud bothered me back then, stung a lot in the early aughts, and by now it’s just a droning hum in the background. I’ve learned to ignore it, but it was difficult.

    Women are supposed to be particularly susceptible to messaging in advertising, and as the ones with either personal expendable income or the ones granted purchasing power for a family, most advertising is targeted to women. I think I must be an outlier of sorts, as the ads on billboards or in magazines never enticed me to “put myself in the ad” and experience euphoria as the result of buying the product or service that would put a retard-happy expression on my face.

    Ever have the feeling you were meant to live on some isolated mountaintop, far, far away from many or most people? Yeah, me too, most of my life. I’m as close as I can get to that at the moment, Mr. C. and I are looking to put even more distance between us and society as we can in the next five years. What you’re feeling is healthy, and normal. You are not the crazy one. Just remember that while you play along and plan your escape.

    God bless and best wishes. I really enjoy your blog.

  8. You aren’t alone. Our women are hollow, defeminized creatures. Our men are demasculinized and taught to feel shame for everything from anger to erections.

    Every sub-group and sub-class has a “grievance” and a “voice.” I don’t hear and I don’t care.

    I kicked the crack pipe that is TV a couple of years ago. The only time I see it is when I’m working out. I wonder how I dulled my brain all those years when I owned a television.

    People who try to start conversations with me about sports or pop culture are politely informed that I have no idea what they’re talking about. The few times I initiate substantive conversation with others, I am met with bewilderment.

    I work out regularly, I spend as much time with my homeschooled daughter as I can, and I wait. There is no way this is a sustainable structure.

  9. I’m about the same way with popular culture. No tv, no news. I dont have internet at my apartment besides my phone, and only get online on a computer when I go to a coffee shop.

    I think my mind is cleaner and healthier for it.

    That being said, I think I have more social events and obligations through my week than it seems you do, and it sounds like you could use a night a week outside and interacting with people. I’d say something involving both actions and talking. Dancing, bowling, paintball, a team sport, etc.

    You don’t need a ‘pop culture connection,’ but a human one

  10. I´ve felt that way all my life. Totally out of touch with the rest. It was harder to deal with that feeling when I was younger, and painful when I was a teenager. Now I don´t give a flying fig about what other people think of me or what they say or do.
    Thankfully, the internet has put me in touch with other reactioaries, so I know I´m not totally alone even though I´ve yet to meet a fellow reactionary in real life.
    As I said, you learn to cope with isolation over the years. You also learn how to socialize with people whose beliefs are miles away from yours, and to make small talk with people one or two standard IQ deviations below your own.
    We are human, after all. I fight my aspergery side from time to time, and force myself to go out and hang out with people. I have a pretty wild sense of humour and I´m not a bad company, I´m told.
    I also read slate and gawker and other popular stuff, just to be able to relate to ordinary people.
    You can´t change the world around you but you can keep out most of its negative effects on you, while preserving your own inner world.

  11. Wow. It’s amazing that you would write this post just as I was wondering if anyone else was feeling the same way. Like you and others that have commented, I am sick of the cultural cesspool that the West (particularly the U.S.) has become. Over the past several years, as my eyes have opened, I have become more and more aware of the moral degeneracy, assault on decency and overall decline of what is right and good in this world. Like you, I cannot watch a television commercial, see a billboard or listen to radio without feeling repulsed by some aspect of what I experience.
    The idealism and optimistic disposition of my youth has given way to resignation that there is no turning back. The Progressive genie has not only been let out of the bottle, but has been fed and nurtured through greed, narcissism and secularism. No longer is there a transcendental purpose to peoples’ lives (i.e. God), rather the focus has been turned inward so that the ideals of self-empowerment and “staying true to yourself” has replaced righteous living and decency.
    But obviously you know all of this. I’m sure you don’t need an echo chamber coming from your comments section. Unfortunately, I can offer you nothing in the way of practical solutions in terms of societal interaction. My advice is to keep the faith. Fight the good fight and trust in God.

  12. You too will come to love Big Brother in time. However…it looks like we will have to use the rat mask on you guys….hmmm.

  13. Exercise for the reader: What steps should one take to live well despite the Kali Yuga, and avoid being pulled down by it?

    I sound like a smartass, but I need to contemplate the same. Keep on keepin’ on.

  14. put crap in, get crap out

    listen to some Wagner and read one of the “GB4M” instead of this slate bullshit

  15. You’ve taken the red pill and broken with your tribe. You feel lost because you are no longer part of that larger group that makes humans whole and worse there’s no hovercraft swooping in to take you to Zion.

    In a lot of ways most people are not ready, can’t be ready, and they should not take the red pill. Most people can’t live without our groups and learning the truth kills all those pretty lies that most groups operate on. Beyond a few who have dedicated themselves to the truth, it’s human groups who need to sallow the red pill in mass, not isolated individuals.

  16. “Am I insane? Or is everything else?”

    I’m coming to believe sanity is learned. Or at least must be aggressively cultivated against an increasing tide of insanity.

    For example, I’ve long said that Leftism is the default position. In a broader and less political manner, insanity is, if not the default, then definitely the path of least resistance. And since life is so easy now, there’s no material consequence for being insane.

    “There is actually someone who believes Gawker writes good headlines”

    And yet he doesn’t mention any of those awesome headlines. Or did he, and they were so un-awesome I scanned right over them? I even went to their home page, and was not-at-all-whelmed by the listing of headlines.

    Plz excuse the self-pimpery, but these are effective headlines – http://nightskyradio.com/2013/12/01/cant-make-this-stuff-up/

  17. Unplugging from this filthy, retarded culture is the only way to remain sane. You described my sentiments to a T.

  18. Been thinking of the post over the day and reading the comments…

    Remember that as Christians we are called to be in the world, but not of the world.

    Christ says to eschew pop culture and lies.

    But he also says a great deal on caring for each other.

    Not being a part of the world does not mean that you shouldnt be a part of humanity.

    This post makes me think you’re on a path that will take you away from both.

  19. A media filter bubble can keep you sane.

    For the internet, use a Feed Reader like Feedly to track your favorite sites and bloggers. That way you can better avoid the rot shoved in your face.

    For Tv, buy a Tivo. Many of the blue-collar job reality shows are at least interesting and amusing. Some premium cable shows on HBO and Showtime are worth watching. There are also lots of old sitcoms and classic movies that you can consume without provoking an aneurysm. TV sucks in general, but sometime you just want to veg out. Recording and time shifting everything means that you can skip all adds and never get live TV shoved in your face

    Movies? Netfix has plenty of filter options, and is also a good way to consume decent TV shows. Most decent drama is now being done as long-form cable TV series, so it’s kind of a wastland unless you are 7 or 17 years old.

    Meaning: get a hobby, learn a skill. Do something useful with your hands. Check out those adult learning courses they have. Woodworking, gardening, welding, beekeeping, brewing – it doesn’t matter what. Just doing something useful and creating something of utility has a satisfaction of its own. You can also meet semi-sane people you can converse with about topics of mutual interest without bullshit politics or social issues getting in the way.

    Find a spouse and have kids. Then you can spend the next 20 years not worrying about having too much free time on your hands.

  20. I could have written this post 4-5 years ago.

    That’s when I quit listening to talk radio, stopped reading all the newspapers and news magazines, and quit watching all TV except for mixed martial arts and NFL. And even in those cases, I rarely watch them live, I record them on my DVR so that I can watch them when I want to, and I can fast forward all the commercials. I also fast forward all of the “analysis” and interviews and other meaningless hype and marketing aspects of the sports broadcasts. I only watch the action.

    I can’t stand listening to corporate radio, and I LOATHE being in social situations and the people I am conversing with attempt to talk about TV shows or the latest movies.

    I’ve only been to 2 movies in the past 4 years – the last Harry Potter (because my wife is huge fan of the books and movies) and the last installment of the Hobbit – the Desolation of Tolkein’s epic.

    Other than that, I’m clueless about pop culture, and could give a rip about politics and current events.

    That all being said….

    …I think Chad may be right. You need to find some other activities and cultivate a social group to do things with so that you don’t feel so disconnected.

    I’m disconnected from mass media culture as much as possible, but I’m still involved with a few different circles of friends and acquaintances in which we engage in a variety of activities on a regular basis.

    Stay up, Free!

  21. While isolation may beget desolation, blind conformity surely begets death.

    It is not an easy road to walk. Few will attempt to traverse it for it often means going alone, being looked upon by outsiders as “abnormal” or “misanthropic”.

    But as you asked, “Am I insane? Or is everything else?”

    In a dishonorable, degenerate and intellectually bankrupt world….misanthropy is a reasonable reaction. Healthy? No. But in the absence of steak, we’d all take a hamburger over starvation. Survivalism my friend. You should feel privileged to think as you do.

    While the majority of people consume the mainstream thought like lemmings, you see the poison they mistake for sustenance as it is. When it all goes south, you’ll be that much further ahead of the herd when the manufactured ‘reality’ shatters. It’s only a matter of time.

    They say most democracies of the American fashion last 200-300yrs. Our shelf life is rapidly approaching. Here’s hoping we still have enough free-thinking souls to start over when the cycle repeats itself. Otherwise, the great experiment of the West is but another page in the history books.

  22. Glorius bastard has been taken offline. I am wondering if you knew what has happened to him and if any support can be sent his way.

  23. Like Cranberry, I am also older than you and graduated nearly the same time as he did although slightly younger than him. The disconnect from society is probably the best thing you can do. I haven’t seen a movie in a theatre in probably five to six years: nothing’s worthwhile. I used to podcast Mark Levin and Rush; now I realize that it’s not worth it. The fact that you’re reading stuff from the CBC is probably not helping you. Remember, the CBC is pro-tribalism when it doesn’t involve white guys.

    Like Keoni said, connect with those that you find worthy of connecting with. Maybe it’s a church group, maybe it’s folks that believe the same things about society as you do, maybe it’s a woman that’s feminine, caring and not batshit crazy. Just connect with someone that you respect and can confide in.

    Also, I regretted not joining the military as well, American or Canadian. Even still, the thought does pop into my head but carrying a rifle for this society then makes that thought disappear pretty quickly. I’m sure that those of us with like minds will all be able to connect in jail after we don’t report when TSHTF.

  24. Thanks for all the input guys. Interesting that so many people are feeling the same way.

    @ TSK: I had the Extended Cut and the DLC’s right from the beginning so it made sense and seemed like a decent ending. But I read the differences online; had I not had those, it would have been disappointing.

    @ Neitherkelter: I have at least one Christian-themed post I plan on writing soon.

    @ Yeoman: A problem is that I’m not really creating value. I don’t have a family, my job is parasitical, my social activities are mostly non-productive to anyone else. Other than this blog, leading a couple Christian community building groups, and charitable donations, I’m not really building all that much value. Nothing but my lack of motivation is stopping me from building more value. writing this blog actually ups my motivation quite a bit.

    @ Cranberry: I sure do have that feeling. The plan is, if I don’t get married, to get a nice isolated farm and drop out at age 35.

    @ ATF: “There is no way this is a sustainable structure.” Exactly. Man is meant to live in a culture, but mine is rotten; I can isolate myself from it, but is that healthy?

    @ Chad and Keoni: I have human connections friends and family that I’m close to and I’m rather busy with numerous social activities. It’s the culture, not just pop culture, but culture itself, I’m disconnected from; Outside of my family and friends, I just don’t fit anywhere in the larger society. I always just haven’t fit. Maybe I’m becoming distanced from humanity as well.

    @ Dropit: I contemplate that all the time; I still don’t have a real answer.

    @ blox: I read the blogs on my sidebar, including GBFM, every day. I feel far more cultural connection to people I’ve never met than to the society around and that’s what has me worried.

    @ Karl: I like egg sandwiches to, but there’s a limit to how much.

    @ Stirner: I’m doing, or at least trying to do, all that.

    @ infowarrior: I know no more than you. He went down, came back up for a bit, then went down again.

  25. Other than this blog, leading a couple Christian community building groups, and charitable donations, I’m not really building all that much value

    Sounds like value to me. You don’t have to spend every waking moment ‘creating value’ for someone.

    I suspect that such a notion came from the powers that be, that want us working every waking moment so that we can be as useful of beta slaves for them as possible – paying as much taxes and holding up the slave-welfare police state as much as possible, while they kick back.

    How much value does each person actually have to create, and how are you determining what is of value or not?

  26. It’s not that its new, its just that its getting worse. It’s the lack of content. Our culture is a photocopy of a photocopy of a photocopy of what used to be a culture. At best. At worst, it’s a parody of a parody of what used to be a culture.

    There is only one escape. Literature, and contact with the Remnant – those few who understand what is happening. We should start a little page with strict criteria for who gets in. For now, I recommend two titles, if you haven’t read them :

    Amusing Ourselves to Death, by Neil Postman
    The Quest for Community, by Robert Nisbet

    You’ve always seemed to be one of the brighter ones out there. Keep the lights on, bro.

  27. @freenortherner

    Man indeed is meant to live in a culture. But from whence does culture originate but from men?

    If you don’t have culture why not create your own?

  28. This is what life is like in the ruins. It’s a delusion to think collapse is coming; it’s all wrecked right now. But the water still runs, the lights are on, and some other infrastructure still works.

  29. FN, I pretty much feel the same way you do.
    I haven’t watched TV volutnarily for decades, except for the Military Channel, (only a few times) and I;d watch the Lone Ranger reruns (the ones with Clayton Moore) if anybody decides to ever show them. Got fed up with everything else long ago although if someone wants to make a case for Howdy Doody reruns I’d be willing to listen to reason. Can’t even stand the easy listening radio channel.
    I can’t even watch sports anymore. They focus too much on closeups, isolating individuals and reaction shots instead of showing the spacings and alignments like they used to. What they do now fragments and feminizes the experience.
    Most of the guys I know hardly ever talk about pop culture (although they do talk about sports), so maybe they feel the same way.

  30. America and Canada (and most of the west in general) have left God almost entirely, and their particular fall from His Good into evil are principally denominated by two things:

    1.) The Feminine Imperative
    2.) The Big Business Imperative

    The waste, degeneracy, consumerism, soulessness, crappy ‘art’, divorce, bernakification, etc that you see can be laid at the feet of these two concepts. Most of the reasons and the connections between the two should be obvious, and you have covered some of it on your blog + the Lightning Round links.

    No sane person could be anything else other than disconnected with this bernankified, fiat, miley-cyrus butthex culture. When you read the Bible or the Lord of the Rings or the other truly Great Books, and you compare it to the scalzied garbage of today’s world – to say there is no comparison is a breathtaking understatement.

    As InfoWarrior bought up, what we Men of the West, we Christian Reactionaries, need to do, is to rebuild. Don’t try to change this world via politics, or ‘connecting with the culture’, or debating with lefttards and ‘progressive’ degenerates, or whatnot…the whole damned thing has been too far gone for a long time – stage 4 terminal civilizational cancer. I mentioned a while back that Reactionaries need to preserve ourselves and our culture to rebuild among the ashes of this culture…well that time is now.

    Hang in there sir – being sane in an insane world is an isolating, difficult experience. But you have at least one avenue to stay in touch with the few, the Remnant who have not been deceived, and maybe we can all work together to bring about a world of our own, so to speak, that the next generation can be proud of.

    Married or not, all of us have to go our own way, with respect to this world system and this culture.

    Maybe change the focus of your blog from yet another (albeit very good) documentation of the decline, to a blog focused on what we can do. We are men, we need to take action!

    God bless + sorry for the long rant

    — lozozlo

  31. I like H.P.X.’s comment.

    The reality of the situation is that it could abruptly turn at any time, but it’s looking more like a slow ride down.


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