Lightning Round – 2014/03/05

You’re only as good as your final act.

The treatment of inferiors is the measure of a man.

Be qualified, not entitled.

You need boundaries.
Related: On being a godly leader.

Reflections on the Christian manosphere.
Related: The wake-up call narrative.

Have a holy fear of God, not a fear of man.

You need to repent of being a Christian nice guy. Part 2.

Physical attraction should not be ignored.

When real hierarchy and vulnerability aren’t allowed, people will pursue soiciopaths.

Talking like a retard in the manosphere.

For wives: use actions not words.

The women RoM respects.

Preparing for the collapse.

A review of Crossfit.

The destruction of men in the political class.

Why rats conquer empires.

When did healthy communities become illegal.

Gentrification, immigration, and colonization are the same thing.
Related: Spike Lee’s lack of historical awareness.

Five cheers for monarchy talk.
Related: The success of Polish monarchs and Frankish kings.

The southernization of white America.

The Democratic election strategy.

Democracy is doomed.
Related: The aristocracy of outrage.

On right to work legislation.

On allocative mechanisms.

The Cathedral and the Ukraine.
Related: Ukraine predictions.
Related: Seems Palin predicted Russian invasion in 2008.

A summary of the foundations of modern civilization.
Related: A civilizational breaking point at 97 IQ.

What if HBD is true?

Libertarians ain’t so bad.
Related: The power of liberty.
Related: The death of libertarianism.

The Last Psychiatrist drops another gooder on how the system is eating you.

Pastoral exceptionalism and Cthulhu’s leftward movement in the Catholic church.
Related: Hammer-and-nails Christians.

Christians need to judge to call people to repentance.

Gay marriage is used as a purposeful tool to destroy traditional marriage.
Related: More of the lies and hatred of the gay agenda.

We all have doubt; some are simply better at hiding it.

When women face divorce theft.

It’s things like this that turn you off marriage. How much of a hateful bitch to you have to be to regularly sexually reject the person you “love”?

Why you should feel no sympathy for a woman in an abusive relationship.

The most important point for the “privileged” in social justice: “shutting the fuck up”.  Lovely.
Related: Seems feminists have their own version of NAWALT.

What do you notice about the 25 hottest girls on OKC? Other than bunnies girl being adorable.

Jenny Erickson’s husband refused to be a beta orbiter.
Related: Some humour.

When was the last time you saw a happy feminist?

Observations of fat people.
Science: Fat and healthy is a myth. Shocking!

The economic rape of Russia.

Generation debt-slave.

The failings of our legal system.

The paradox of socialism.

Middle class not dying in Canada.

Judges rule America.

The crocodile humour of modern comedy.

Counter Currents is under attack by the SPLC.

Teachers R Dum.

It’s not safe to wear an American flag in an American high school.

Wusses more likely to be left-wing.
Related: The breakdown of a mentally ill leftist.

Canada: You can’t trust the Conservative party with guns.

Don’t bother fighting ebook piracy.

Rules of Writing: Maintain viability.

The 10 most psychopathic jobs in America.

H/T: SDA, Clarissa, Gromar, RPR, Roissy


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