1. Off topic. The person or persons who run “manospherelinks.wordpress.com is a racist. I am removing your blog from my blog roll unless you correct this.

    If you align yourself with racists, I do not wish to align myself with you.

    I hope you had a happy new years.

  2. As per my About page:
    “This site links to many pages in the blog roll, Lightning Rounds, and general posts. A link does not necessarily imply the author endorses the views of linked content and/or authors. The blog roll contains blogs the blog author has found posts interesting content on a regular basis.”

    While I don’t approve of actual racism, [systematic and legal discrimination or acts of aggression against others based solely on race], I have not seen anything on said blog to which I would object strenuously enough to warrant removal and I have neither the time nor inclination to police bloggers comments throughout the web.

    I may be removing said blog from my roll in the near future, as it has not updated in months, but at this time it remains.

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