Blog Update – Away

I am away on vacation for the next few weeks and will likely have only limited access to a computer. Not to mention that I want to enjoy the vacation, rather than sit at a computer screen.

I’ve scheduled two or three posts a week to be automatically put up, including the first few posts in a new series.

There will be no Lightning Rounds for this period for obvious reasons.

Sadly, I didn’t receive any guest posts. I guess my lies about the size of my blog readership size weren’t enough to entice people.

I’m leaving the comments open, so please don’t abuse them.

I will likely not be checking the spam folder that often if at all, so, if your comment gets caught in there, that’s too bad, I’ll get to it when I get back. (This is particularly for Will S., whose comments tend to go to spam. Although, the last few haven’t, so maybe that problem went away).

Anyway, I hope you all enjoy the new posts. See you in a few weeks.


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