Lightning Round – 2016/06/22

Islam, men, and progressivism: divide and conquer.

Driving through dying blue towns.
Related: A desire to avoid Brazilification.
Related: Anarchy in the USA.
Related: Trump saying what others won’t dare.
Related: The impossibility of open borders.

Rival victimhoods in Orlando.
Related: The Orlando murderer was probably gay and theologically ignorant.
Related: The 3 hour wait and the police retreat.

Closing down the ghettos.

How King Tommen won like a boss.

The distrustful youth.

Jim on rape.
Related: The thorny issue of rape.
Related: Time for a temperance movement.

Don’t talk to the media.

The NYT does what it does best. More.
Related: Journalistic irony.
Related: Gersh Kuntzman on firing an AR-15.

Looking for love in the wrong places.
Related: The constitution con.

Land against the activists. More.

George Grant and the liberalization of Canada.

The fundamental skill of sociology.

Reactionary Tree makes a reading list.

On Brexit.

On apostasy.

Hook-up culture stats.

The Swiss draft.

On “harassment”.

Against dog whistles.

Twitter user @Real_PeerReview gone after doxing threats.

On pygmy’s.


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