Lightning Round – 2016/05/18

The minor aristocracy.

Never announce your intentions.
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The Law of the Jungle.

I was involved in Reactionary Ian’s most recent Christian hang out.

The nebulous nature of the online right.

The logic of multiculturalism.

A review of Ride the Tiger.
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Getting status right.

The child brothel.

Sweden protects foreign languages and allows its own to perish.

A lesson on love.


How to make the minimum wage unnecessary.

The signalling hazard of homosexuality.

The death of college fraternities.

The growth of the constitution.

Explaining 2016 to 2006.

The kakistocracy confirmation cabal.

De-radicalization centres.

Soviet subsidies to America.

The megaphone in one graph.

The mystery model of elections.

The racial tithe.

The decline of the DC Metro.

The evolution of fraud.

Chernobyl head.

Spandrell is still calling for a new religion.


The hikikomori nations.

Nydwracu has… something… on Eurovision.

White slavery denial.

The potential Democrat switcheroo.

You choose what you’re offended by.

On shit tests.

We’re all sex criminals now.

Civilization is monogamous.

Why can’t he find men to marry the women he’s teaching to have contempt for men? More.

Selling grey divorce.

The bronze age collapse. Part 2, part 3.

One king’s genes passed to half or western Europe.

Springtime for Trump.

Rabid Puppies: SJW’s never learn.

GenCon achieves diversity by dropping board games.
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Ben Sasse’s pedophile problem.

Costco cake controversy was a hoax. Surprise.

The idiot tax.

The problems of socialist health care.



  1. A lot of hoaxes for “discrimination”, aren’t there?

    Because they’re so hard to prove, these so-called Civil Rights legislations, should be taken off of the books! Freedom!


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