Lightning Round – 2016/05/10

The reactionary ethos.
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Rhetoric advice on #WhiteGenocide.
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Why the alt-right is winning.

Setting sail to Kamchatka.

Dissidents and doom.
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Unrestricted warfare, if you can fund it. Related.

London has fallen.
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Biracial child statistics.
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When virtue signalling meets real life.

The futurist manifesto.

Helplessness and power.

Trump and data journalism.
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Chaucer and the modern priesthood.

Conservatism is dead.

Limericks from 1788.

South Sudan.

The rise of Poland.

Independence, sovereignty, and networks.

The origins of “cultural Marxism”.
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Charts: Against technological stagnation hypothesis.

What we are seeing worldwide.

A classic Lewis quote from Screwtape. He knew where things were heading.

The evolution of the sexual marketplace, Japanese edition.

Where have all the good chimps gone? Related.
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No mercy for the functionally perfect.

Believing in two genders is now a hate crime.

On Nauru.

Cathy Young: America hater.

An interview with @DemsRRealRacist.

Lowering the bar.

Autism, genius, and the power of obliviousness.

IQ and fitness.

Racial gaps in the classroom.

Rise of the trollbot.

Hugo-nominated #GG artist under attack by lying SJWs.

“Conservative” Louise Mensch pretty much proves NRx right.

Matt Walsh: Speaker for the butthurt.

A list of some who predicted Trump’s failure.

Hillary’s plan to lose the deer-hunting states.

Why the median income is falling.

Socialism: Venezuala faces cash shortage.

Apple is stealing music from people’s computers.



  1. I look forward to the next one of these lists as soon as I’m done with the last one. Thanks!

  2. A drop too much “Blame it on Jews” exists in the Alt Right. This is disturbing because I agree with almost everything else.There is an sad attempt to wipe out the white race. This is in the Jewish people as well with anti Ashkenazim prejudice. The values of private property, limited government, everything the opposite of socialism, are Torah values that I share with the Alt Right. Feminizes are certainly something that I see as a problem.

  3. The few things that are Leftist about Pro-Whitism which some people overly broadly stereotype as “1488” or straw-man as White Nationalism is that religion is left unspecified and also there is a sense of pan-whiteness, which is sometimes called pan-Europeanism.

    The truth of the matter is that whites should be generally pan-European until the administrative bodies get their heads out of the sand and start disallowing large numbers of extremely noticeable and distant racial aliens from their society. Yes, the response to White Genocide should, very righteously, put the brakes on what is mistakenly called “petty nationalism” but is potentially very important in the future, that of ethnic differences among whites.

    The next part of it, that religion is not specified, is also to be qualified. Many pro-whites abandon organised religion because they see more righteousness in their own worldly and political circles than they see in the supposedly visible Church. When the leadership who is supposed to guide the congregation into a more godly understanding of things often psychopathically encourages one to put his own genetic legacy at risk, then things sour very quickly. How righteous would the Church be if it were to encourage a godly morality once again, and not being worldly, how far would she surpass a pro-white political movement? Here is a good article about the supposed visible Church’s deficiencies from Mr Robert “Bob” Whitaker.


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