Lightning Round – 2016/05/04

Against universalism.

Eastern European underperformance.

Spiritual security.

Progressive faith and the trial of victimhood.

Art of the media ambush.

The Elbonian zombie virus.

The new right reception centre.

The dissidence of dissidents.

Human nature and politics.

Trump’s foreign policy speech.
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The 2016 Sydney Trads Symposium.

Power lies.

The Song dynasty’s surrender.

Dysgenic technology.

What do terrorists want?

Francis, Buckley, and NRx.

What is an American?

American slavery.

Protestants, progs, and Islam.

Why doesn’t the 28-year-old manboy want to become respectable?

The headship conversation.

Real life Ruths.

Pro-life: Throwing out the baby to conserve the bathwater.
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We’re all rapists now.

NeoVictorian talks about personal stuff and the dark triad.

Sexual selection and Teen Mom.

Rabid Puppies make the Hugos great again. Reactions. It was worth filling out the ballot.
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Why traditional publishers are terrified.

China: Mission accomplished.

SA reviews Albion’s Seed.

Target suffering for trans bathrooms.

The inhumanness of political correctness.

Infographics and our brains’ blind spots.

Ron Unz running for Harvard Board of Overseers.

Lawyers and salesmen.

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  1. So, Lyin’ Don is to carry the GOP banner toward November.

    It’s worth it if he builds the wall.

    Beginning today, the Democratic party will fill Lyin’ Don’s name into the blanks of their prewritten attack scripts and launch their dishonest campaign against the Dishonest Man, Lyin’ Don.

    It’s pretty funny, really. Erasing Mitt Romney’s name from four years ago, filling in the name of Donald J. Trump, the Democrats will now surely read from the very same attack script: “Disappointingly, by nominating (fill in the blank), the Republican party has chosen to promote racism, misogyny, xenophobia and the interests of Wall Street over the cares and concerns of ordinary American families.”

    Lyin’ Don may just be able to win this election. Or he could lose all 50 states. We’ll soon see.

    I disbelieve every word that comes out of Lyin’ Don’s mouth. You should, too. Hillary Clinton is more truthful. But I do hope that Lyin’ Don wins in November.

  2. B.T.W., I posted a comment at the “Sherman” blog telling him that it was rude to self-flaggelate in public and that if he’s made of anything that he should move to Brasil since it has “white” areas there after they deliberately imported Trentians in order to “lighten” it up.

    You should do similar, “Free Northerner”.

    Best regards,


  3. Eastern European underperformance is no mystery. Western Europe’s castoff serfs + race mixing = fail. There are some exceptions, God bless ’em, but mostly, it’s Hanoi lite.

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