Lightning Round – 2016/04/20

How to passivism.
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Rules for brotherhood.

A poem of successful revolution.

Moldbug adds a coda to his blog.
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Between a cuck and a hard place.


The myth of female oppression.

Putin’s ratings firm.

Nydwracu has a good twitter rant.

The decline of America was not an accident.

The three pillars of the West.

On corruption.

The Libyan deep state.

Keeping up on the news.

Presidential poison.

The Innsmouth deal.

What ails Appalachia? Part 2, part 3.

A Chinese story about the law.

European niceness.
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ET and Muslims.
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Tactical Freudianism.

Leftist rhetorical sucker punches.

On criticisms of Christianity.

More on aborting mothers.
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Feminist rape laws in Sweden.

The need for sexenomics.

A warning to young men.

Vox Day interviewed.

When is firing justified?
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Why it’s called virtue signalling, not virtue.

A guide to popular social justice hashtags.

University of Missouri feels the effects of hiring SJW’s.

Looking for a way out.

Income and household demographics.

The federalist cucks it up.

The Saudi’s threaten the US.

The global warming hiatus is real.

Fields case against Lewandowski dropped.

The Sailer gap.

The intrinsic unreliability of science.

H/T: Land, SSC


  1. This looks like a lot of material,but off hand it seems like it includes very important ideas.

  2. How does any Roman Catholic take advice from God’s law in the Old Testament when he can’t even follow St Paul’s instruction from the New? R.C.C. and papist sympathisers are sickos!


  3. Something else crossed my desk recently; it appears that in Byzantium, many positions in the civil government would only be open to eunuchs! Some of these included spots for military general officers. “Orthodox”, my left foot!

  4. Having an interesting conversation at the new 8pol

    >French revolutions were a Jesuit coup

    Definitely, since it could have reformed into a Calvinist monarchy as the Netherlands did in after the defeat of Napoleon in 1813. The French kingdom could have remained, as many Lutheran Anglican and Calvinist monarchies remain in the areas of the Reformation in more Northern areas of Europe.

    Would the scales be tipped toward family legacies as is the case when monarchies give out hereditary peerages, and would nationalism be stronger today?

    The First World War against Prussia which had followed the reformation with monarchy might still be around. Hell, even Roman Catholic Austria might still have its monarchichal structure.

    But, you’re right, the Jesuits would rather a Roman Catholic (degenerate) republican revolution than a Protestant Christian (and more stable) monarchy. For their own benefit, French should have followed the Dutch.

    It’s 2016…And voters are still pushed into voting for the destruction of their own nations.

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