Lightning Round – 2016/04/13

Vox Day launches the SJW list. Ben Shapiro is on it.
Related: SJW’s like Tim Chevalier already crying wolf. Their fear.

Amoral counter-signalling is retarded.
Related: Anti-Dem on abortion and leftism.
Related: Anti-left is not right.
Related: Signalling games.
Related: Contract hits on babies.
Related: Zippy always has the best post titles.
Related: Aborting the working class.

Classical liberalism is not Western Civilization.

Status wire-heading.

Alt-tech and alt-society.

Why intelligence matters.

The optimal tariff.

The invasion continues.
Related: Burying the truth on moderate refugees.

Do you get fired for being right or wrong?
Related: Clinton denounced for condemning black murderers.

Pay the crime away.

The myth of freedom.

The Goodperson problem.

Modernity in a nutshell.

Tyndale and the English language.

Leftism and Christianity.
Related: American civic religion.

The Dalia Lama selling out his country’s traditions.

Do progs know where Sesame Street is?

The regressive left.

The democratic peace.


The problem ahead for the church.

Religious liberty in Britain.

Generosity and finance porn.

Churchianity and the veneer of self-righteousness.

The fear of confronting women’s sexual sin.

Cuckoldry culture.

Scientistry and sciensophy.
Related: The replacement of science with marketing.

Regression to the mean.

Fear and loathing at a Trump rally.

Beamdog CEO on Baldur’s Gate controversy.
Related: The reality of SJW’s in games.


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