Lightning Round -2016/03/30

The esoteric masculine journey.

Yarvin responds to controversy over his appearance at Lambda. His AMA.
Related: RIP programming.

The neoreactionary position on Akhenaton.

The lion and the ox.

Terrorism matters less than demographic changes.
Related: Brussels.
Related: Backlash in Brussels.
Related: In Flanders Fields.
Related: Keep digging.
Related: Ants of Islam.
Related: The fruits of compassion.

A speech from Orban.

The evolution of equality.

Do #WhiteTrashLivesMatter?

Toxoplasmosis and Marx.

Anti-PC is a fool’s errand.

Microsoft’s Tay of pigs.
Related: Microsoft AI chatbot turns nazi. Mecha-Hitler.
Related: “They also appeared to shut down her learning capabilities and she quickly became a feminist:”

Dysgenic idiocracy.

The hammer of tolerance in the furnace of liberty.

Land on liberalism.

Conservatism in Georgia.

Wahhabism: the world’s most successful revolutionary ideology.

On New York slashing attacks.

An excerpt from Popular Government.

Social signalling through megaliths.

The collapse of nationalist China.
Related: How America crippled South Korea.

We only believe what we carry into practice.

For witch-burning.

How the pope got pwned.

Bulgakov on Good Friday.

Complementarianism is egalitarianism with a veneer of headship.

Why rich people are miserable.

Vox releases “On the Existence of Gods”.

A world of niches.

How to tweet like Trump.

Scott Alexander talks about my High-IQ Homo Economicus post.

The science of slurs.

An analysis of an update to the Colour of Crime.

The FDNY’s new entry exam.


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