Lightning Round – 2016/03/23

The American colonial office.

How your ancestors would view the 21st century.

An old one from Foseti as a reminder: Harry Dexter White.

Rightward Ho!
Related: Order and economics.
Related: The cephalization of man.

The sliding scale of BS jobs.

Male territoriality.

The nu-male.

Training yourself out of confirmation bias.

Leftists lying.

Pay up or face the consequences.
Related: One last chance for leftists to wake up.

Monarchists for Trump.
Related: Trump is a flashlight.
Related: The Trumpening.
Related: Why Trump will crush Hillary.
Related: Brownshirts and Republican wimps.
Related: Why Kasich?
Related: Trump’s troll army.
Related: Conservative losers.
Related: An anecdote from Schwarzenegger’s governorship.
Related: Trump’s speech to AIPAC.
Related: Scott Alexander reviews Art of the Deal. In the comments, people are turning towards Trump.
Related: The hypocrisy of Trump’s enemies.
Related: The Chicago police union on the irregularities of the anti-Trump protests.
Related: People prefer lecturing to results.

How recent are open borders?

Sons of immigrants.
Related: The challenge of Hispanics to blacks.

Belgian terror and evolving police tactics.
Related: Bombs in Brussels.

Sins of the fatherland.
Related: Swedes cancel virtue signalling event due to rape fears.

The Weimer elections.
Related: What is brittle breaks.


The social conservatives alliance with the business class.

American Icarus.

Techno-commercialism and markets in morality.

Against universalism.

Roman morals.
Related: Europe before Rome.
Related: On Gotland.
Related: Economics old and new.

A review of Do we need God to be Good?

Related: Female self-sufficiency decreases marriage.
Related: Roissy comments an amusing article.

Hillary the scold.

Lessons from otome games.

A custody dispute in Canada.

Rule or ruin Republicans.

The terrified enemy.

Breeding with Neanderthals and Denisovans.

Non-shared environment doesn’t just mean schools and peers.

American College of Pediatricians: Gender Ideology Harms Children.

Many scientific “truths” are false.

The Rabid Puppies 2016 list. I’m voting for Space Raptor Butt Invasion and My Little Pony.

H/T: Land, SM


  1. Very interesting pieces, once again. In a better world, it would be possible to pick up a print version of this weekly at the local news-stand…


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