Lightning Round – 2016/03/10

A day late again.

The power of social signalling.
Related: Revolutionary trust fund debauchery.
Related: Rescuing America from itself.

The unholy ghost of modernity.

On the liberal mythology of the state.

HRx and tech-comm. Read NBS’ comments.

Alt-right on Wikipedia.

Order and value.

A prediction on immigration.

The pathology of the conservative mind.
Related: The lack of force and will among conservatives.

The conservative case for Trump.
Related: Trump’s correction.
Related: Trump insanity.
Related: The harbinger.
Related: A few GOPe aren’t completely retarded: The class biases of the establishment and the need to reintegrate the base.
Related: Why he left the conservative movement.
Related: Black on Trump.
Related: The white death rate predicts Trump support.
Related: Nixon on Super Tuesday.

Muh faith, part 2.

The limits of evil.

The other side of a human interest story.

Briggs on direct democracy.

The genetics of intelligence.
Related: IQology. More.

When interventions are universal, achievement gaps are not narrowed.


Blacks have already received $8.3 trillion in reparations.

Adoption. Part 2.
Related: The historic context of adoption.

On the Cartel Land documentary.

On Kesha and pop culture.

The biblical case for women teaching women.

She holds an authority you cannot hold.
Related: Women teaching women.
Related: The fruit of a female pastor.

The cause of feminist resentment.

Comments with anecdotes of men doing other’s work.

Why women are drawn to male spaces.

Indians in WW1.

On the Russians.

The Guardian is dying. Good riddance.

Peeling away at the corruption of the US government.

The law con.

Feminist glaciology.

Scott does a survey on nootropics.

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  1. I was discussing the Washing Post white-male death/Trump popularity correlation with one of my patients just now. They expressed the opinion that “hopefully all those guys die and then Trump won’t make it into office.”

    Aside from the assumption that it’s only the (dying/dead?) white males voting for Donald I had to ask him, considering that we are both white middle-aged males, wishing for our deaths to increase the likelihood that Trump would win the votes was going to further his desired outcome?

    He’s in his late 40s, but could only sputter a nonchalant answer about people who hold hatred inside themselves.

  2. Thank you again for gathering up these links every week. Your lightening round has instantly become my favorite “magazine” to read. Excellent job!

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