Lightning Round – 2016/02/23

Pax Dickinson outs himself as the Duck.
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NBS has moved his This Week in Reaction to SM.

The maelstrom of modern magic.

The biological case against democracy.

Americanism and puritanism.

Tribes, parties, and fashion.

Hollow states and hollow people.

The cowardice of nihilism.

The need for a corporate state.

Donald Trump: democratic socialist.
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Why turn your back on conservatives?
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Against sustainable development.

Reality doesn’t care.

Matthew Crawford.

Leftism in one picture.

The white knight and the cool girl.

Big budget American Rape.
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Modernity destroys Middle East mosaic.
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Corporate leaders and loyalty.

Poland goes alt-right.

IQ and GDP by state.

Satoshi Nakamoto is the NSA.

Milt Felsen, life-long communist.

Sexy socialist singles.

The opposite of faith is bureaucracy.

Fathers had problems of the past.

Piper’s debilitating fear of saying ‘no’ to women.
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Feminism is the glorification of rebellion.

Why are white death rates rising?

Hypocrites in high places.

Canada court voids will for whites-only scholarship.

RL trolling with transgender laws.

Some non-fiction writing tips.