Lightning Round – 2016/02/17

On order.

The radioactivity of atomic individualism.

Leftism, suicide, autogenocide, and cosmocide.

Mark gets it right on the JQ.
Related: Judaism as a memetic model.

Making the obvious a mystery.

On become who you are.

The creation of rigid economic borders.

Wesearchr, a Pax Dickinson and Chuck Johnson project, is starting.

On Scalia’s death.
Related: Another requiem.
Related: The practicals of his death.

Defining the dissident right.
Related: Alt-right in the ADL.

The white guilt industrial complex.

We are the borg.

In the long run, we lose, so why continue anyway.

Genetic map of Europe.
Related: Does race exist?

Intra- and inter-ethnic violence.

Austrian police cover up immigrant rape of 10-year-old boy.

The institution of marriage.
Related: Your hi-tech sex goo future.

The heart of atheism.

Avoid the look.
Related: They can’t hear you.

The cult of women’s self-esteem.

Ghomeshi: a taste of things to come. Related.
Related: Media cosbys James Deen.
Related: The future of porn.

The good-humour rapist.

Women, science, and sex.

The coming death of Github.

The g-factor for dogs.

When liberals attack social science.

A breakdown on the social justice “conspiracy”.
Related: On the Github gender bias study.
Related: Sex and the brain.

Psychologist, heal thyself.

Press literally takes orders from Hillary.

Socialized health care in action.

A future letter to Trump from a socialist.
Related: The ultimate minority right.

A Turkish-Saudi invasion of Syria.

Satanic daycares. Part 2.

SF book banned for mild abortion reference.
Related: A brief lesson in mainstream publishing.

37 body-building tips.



  1. Thanks for the linkage, but I have a favor to ask: could you amend your summary of my post to make some reference to the idea that it’s about “Why to continue anyway”?

    Thanks for running this gig week in and week out, and thanks for the link.

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