Lightning Round – 2016/02/10

The killing fields of the 21st century.

Power comes from force.
Related: Means, goals, and signalling.

Asymmetric warfare is bunkum.

NRx & Twitter.
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28Sherman on fellow NRx bloggers.

To hate where we should hate.
Related: Dread, love, and disgust.

Alt-right: the current chapter.


On liberalism.

Kami, the HIV muppet.

Children of the ruins.

The crackdown has begun.
Related: The Roosh press conference transcript.

Chinese History: Choices.

Against yellow fever.

A carbon tax for voting. Related.

Keep America shitty again.
Related: Trump’s evangelical working class.

The cannibalization of the Bernie Bros.
Related: Devouring their own: Will Wheaton edition.

Europe planning to deports hundreds of thousands of Muslims.

A pact between Christian factions.

Tradcons and feminists.

Who is the abuser?

Cowering in front of women.

The corruption of the American woman.

Hate speech and free speech.

The State of the Dominion.

Some fun quotes from the Ghomeshi trial.



  1. >If you know a figure who should be added, contact me

    I got three!

    All good fits for neorxn & good Lightning Round material:

    1. James LaFond

    Updated daily, gems like “The grim fate of the wise shaman is the very reason why I have elected to remain a fool!”, “A society on the incline emulates the upper class, a society on the decline emulates the lower class.” or “It is a brutal thing; the suffering of the man who has been denied a test of his merits or a rite of passage; the suffering that no primitive society—no matter how cruel and dedicated to the torture, and even the eating, of its enemies—would ever consider inflicting on one of its own.”

    Even historical bits of wisdom, i didn’t know about the Powhatan Uprising “In which white runaways banded together with Indians to wipe out the plantations in 1622-23, coming close to success. The war that crowns this period, Bacon’s Rebellion in 1676, in which white renegades, white slaves, and black slaves, allied against colonial officials, the plantation owners, Indian tribes and even pirates, in a knock down drag out fight which resulted in the burning of Jamestown, also came close to victory for the rebels.”

    Or the recent If The EBT System Went Down post

    2. The Z Man

    Daily stuff ala: “My chief complaint against libertarianism is that it is a convenient hiding place for people unwilling to take on the Left. If you reject central planning of the national economy, but are afraid to be called bad things by the local lunatics. In the culture war, libertarians will never go over the top and will, once in a while, turn their weapons on their comrades. You just can’t trust them to fight.”

    3. Thomas Clough

    He writes monthly articles such as:
    Rodney King’s Horrible Legacy
    Our Emerging Warrior Caste
    or The Decline of American Manhood

    That’s it, thanks!

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