Lightning Round – 2015/01/20

The freedom of constraint.

On family and status.
Related: The decline of community.

What happened to neoreaction?
Related: Against consequentialism on the right.
Related:Zippy continues criticizing the alt-right.

Visegrad and mapping.

Anarcho-tyranny in Germany.
Related: Preference is not hate.
Related: After Cologne, feminism is dead.
Related: Cologne is not surprising.
Related: Soldiers of Odin in Finland.

The beauty of Rome.

Invader-American: lessons in rhetoric.
Related: The globalists’ need for immigration.

Already at trade war.

The Happening may not turn out to the right’s favour.

The white death.

Geopolitical arbitrage.


Progressive imperialism.
Related: Humpty Dumpty progressivism.
Related: The old left worrying about being eaten by the new left.

The coming muses of the alt-right.

The three types of protests.

The alt-right guide to Islam.
Related: Welcome to the ISIS guest house.

Smart people overestimate how smart everyone else is.

The Big Bang Theory is not my people.

Study: Shitlibs are slaves to their feels.

The sex trap.

SJW’s are killing rock and roll.

The hippie-conservative synthesis.

Duffers and fanatics.

The pro-abortion wives of hen-pecked anti-abortion presidents.

God as a fan-fiction character.
Related: Worshipping the same God.

On churchian culture.

The Anglicans take a stand against the wolves.

Complementarianism: The pastor is the head.

Saeed Abedini has been freed.

Lessons in rhetoric: Christian edition.

Assessing your place in the hierarchy.
Related: The shame of SJW’s.

Rape is about sex, not power.

Trump: Christianity under siege.

The GOP base must remain loyal, but the elites do not.

The problem with Chinese students.

Al-Jazeera America shuts down.

The left’s war on science: Yanomamö edition.

More on the eskimos.

Trying to re-inflate the housing bubble.

UK debates to ban Trump.

Chuck Johnson warned Milo about Twitter.

Brad Torgeson is being blacklisted.

Fat but fit doesn’t exist.

Venezuelan economic czar: “Inflation does not exist.”

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