Lightning Round -2016/01/13

No one cares about your problems.
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The need for a fighting faith.
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The anti-American empire.

On Trump. More.
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The alt-right needs to understand ethics.

On 2015 and the right.
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Immigration is rape culture, but women ignore warnings and are on lockdown. Related.
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Bathing in Cologne.
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The Swedish cover-up of a mass sexual assault.
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Understanding Muslims.
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Studies: Diversity + Proximity = War.

Illegal immigrants are more criminal, even removing their inherent illegality.

Diversity policies don’t help women or minorities, but do make white men feel threatened. Working as intended.

Monarchy, revolution, and the bourgeoisie.

Saudi monarch executes US agent.

A code of merit.

Reduce inequality, abolish the Ivy League.

Colonialism didn’t make colonial countries rich.

Zippy’s right. I did get dragged into voting last year because of gun control, even though I know I shouldn’t have.

On outrage porn.

Nightcrawler is modern journalism. A review.

Consanguinity and socialism.

Bronze Age dispersal patterns.
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Inuit and diet.

Defective identity.

Hard truths on Santa Claus.

Against IVCF and Campus Crusade.
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The overemphasis on evangelism.

A Femen activist repents.

Trading place: Pastor Saeed Abedini and his wife. His erasure and her fresh start.

How do wives petition a husband.

Why feminists hate objective standards.

In NY, you could get fined up to $250k for not indulging someone’s transsexual identity.

Your bitchy comment says your life sucks.

The power of a bad idea.

Practicing practicing.

The LIBOR scandal.

The biggest impediment to forecasting.

A background of the Oregon protest.

Free speech is firable.
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No reconciliation in the Puppies fight.
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SJW’s get books banned in Toronto.
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The pedophilic rape apologists of SFF fandom.

The truly new year.

SSC analyzes guns and states.

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    It would be helpful to both Sargon and Gary if they understood that consequentialism is equivalent to deontology.

    The consequence that Sargon deems immoral is having been racist. The harm/care consequences are irrelevant against this more important consideration, and as preferences are pre-rational, no argument can or epistemically should affect his opinion.

    The rule for Gary is to care about harm/care. The action that is wrong in and of itself is deliberately causing harm. (Or negligently allowing harm to be caused?) If you want to see that as a meta-action, realize we can exhaustively list the actions, marking each as ‘allowed’ or ‘forbidden’ and thus show that consequentialism is a deontology with more particularism than modal deontologies.
    Further, the rules about what counts as ‘harm’ are philosophically arbitrary. Anyone who laughs at deontology is ontologically committed to laughing just as hard at consequentialism.

    My own perspective contradicts both systems, however. Not that you should care.

  2. The fact is, Sargon wasn’t describing morality, he was describing opinion based on emotional reactions, themselves conditioned by environment. That is what he meant by “morality is internal”. The whole problem with the ‘debate’ was that Sargon oscillated continually between two very different lines of attack

    1) What you believe is wrong due to moral principles
    2) What you believe will not be popular with the majority of people who hold certain moral principles

    These are entirely different topics, and because he expertly ghosted between them, he managed to elude any kind of real inquiry, the conversation really achieved nothing, which is a shame.

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