Lightning Round – 2015/11/04

Morality as a social prestige engine.
Related: Enlightened idiocy.

Get out.
Related: The War in Norway.
Related: Ethnic cleansing in Germany.
Related: Immigration and leftist bombers.
Related: White autogenocide is a massive loss of frame.
Related: Magic dirt theory.
Related: Weapons of mass migration.

The collaborators are frightened.
Related: The outdated first amendment.
Related: Keeping SJW’s out of your company.

Cathedral decay.
Related: The antiversity in Russia.

How Luther survived a holiness spiral.

r/K selection in a picture.
Related: K-selection on Republican splintering.

Trump: Uber for American democracy.
Related: Why didn’t Trump go for Rubio’s throat.
Related: A summary of the GOP debate.
Related: Rigging the GOP primaries.
Related: Charles Murray’s attacks on Trump. Related.
Related: Jeb’s gridlock nonsense.


School-shootings as a slow-moving riot.

BLM vs. the old guard black activists.

Why we can’t revive the apprenticeship system yet.
Related: The mentorship deficit.

The liberal parenting end game.

NRx thought.

Urbit on Medium.

Uncuck the Right “interviewed” by Fusion and at the AV Club.

Harden the fuck up.
Related: How to overcome the bad news blues.

The rape of Russia.

Reducing tension in Syria.

The Kurds: undead leftists.

The realist case for markets.

Slogan supremacy.

On the Spring Valley Incident.

Cathedral round-up: race, violence, and sex.
Related: Test score gaps and race.
Related: Standardized testing is racist.
Related: Immigrants and the black-white IQ gap. Part 2. Response. Response.

Migration, expansion, and conservatism.

The Finno-Ugrics.

The perils of public prayer.

Evola on Christianity.

Transubstantiation and the puritan hypothesis.

China’s new two-child policy.

Debt without usury.
Related: Where the modern sexual freak show comes from.
Related: Against the gold standard.
Related: It’s not fiat currency itself, but rather usury.

Submission and value.
Related: Obedience and submission.

The Ouroboros of feminism.

Never date an SJW.

Asshole filters.

Knowledge abuse.
Related: Joel and Kathy Davisson’s insane theology of marriage.

Why women initiate most divorces.

The fear of being called phobic.

Boys hate school.

Evidence-based Literacy Instruction doesn’t work.
Related: On pre-K.

An SJW attack rebuffed.
Related: The GitHub Code of Merit.

The danger of comments.

Portrait of the person-guy. Heh.

The Yakuza cancel Halloween.

Shocking study: Police reduce crime.

Meat risk.

Related: Land, SSC


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