Lightning Round – 2015/10/21

5 ways to be a better man.

The social module.

Building fealty.

Engineered brain damage.

Donald Trump, Middle American Radicals, and the next step.

Pyrrhic economics.
Related: Reference points.
Related: Strangling the golden goose.
Related: Why are economists so stupid on immigration.

On the counter-jihad.

Comments on Dampier’s WN posts.
Related: California’s white power.
Related: A response on WN.

Why a coup is impossible.

On exile.

How spree killers differ from normal murderers.
Related: Where rampage killers come from.
Related: Paganism and masculinity.

The US’ progressive pu-pu platter.
Related: The European cuddle pile.

Putin stabilizing Syria.

How the Morning After described 2015.

Republican Party funds the sale of baby meat.

Clinton: By any means necessary.
Related: A functioning nation: system requirements.

Communism’s death toll: a feature.
Related: Venezuelans urged to eat fried rocks.

On Columbus Day.

The analytical failure of critical race theory.
Related: The #BLM narrative is bogus.

Jewish genetic differences.

Millennials and technology.

Anti-Dem’s review of Friendship is Optimal continues.

Perfect democratic pandering.

An apology is a confession.
Related: Conservative strategy is a failure.
Related: Charles Gannon’s failing strategy.

On early reform Christianity.

On the government budget.

The decline of civic life.

Scientific cosmology.
Related: Sanity for sociality.

This is a religious war.

Cucked churchians.
Related: SJW’s in the Church of Scotland.
Related: Churchian cucks preaching babalism.

The wake-up call: Never let a marriage crisis go to waste.

Punishing with her presence.

Gender dimorphism as a luxury good.

Women’s bodies.

Good guys don’t exist.

Don’t marry the prettiest girl you can.

Many women did not want the vote.

Bloomberg: Utah needs lower wages and more expensive mortgages.

Tales from the feminized utopia.

What really keeps women out of tech.

“It will be amusing when the new evidence of societal sexism cited is the number of young women in heavy debt with useless degrees.”

On ad hominem.

Michael Shermer’s lack of skepticism on gun control.

The ignorance of journalists.

Cracked gets whacked.
Related: David Wong shadowbanned from Reddit.

Thucydides trap: US/China war.

The second generation of rich Chinese.

Why Section 230 is important.

Thoughts for homeschooling parents.

Most kids are in school, but not learning.
Related: Roosh’s education was a complete waste of time.

The border reavers (descendants of the Southern Scots-Irish).

Conclusions from reading AD&D’s Appendix N.

On autism.

H/T: SSC, Isegoria


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