Lightning Round – 2015/10/14

Persuading people in politics.

The alienation of middle American radicals.

Vulgar racialism.
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A doctor’s take on Germany’s mass immigration.
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Importing rape culture.
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Organic order.
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Freud the fraud.

On body integrity identity disorder.

The Sentinelese people.

Was Chris Harper-Mercer a Muslim terrorist?

Ponies and the matrix. Related.

Why are Japanese kids so independent?

Is the unbeliever your enemy?

A reactionary policy on marriage.

The secret to staying married

How and when to self-depreciate. Related.

Delta: Supply and demand.
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Credit scores and relationships.


#KillallWhiteMen girl going to court.

The birth of anti-SJW advertising.

Open source software stands against the SJW’s.
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On capitalism.

One of the best abstracts ever.

“I’ve never been so disgusted with my own data.”

On experts and forecasting.

Global warming models were wrong.

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  1. are you sure the feminists falling for #PissforEquality are authentic? I checked some of the accounts shown at the link and they seem to be fake.

  2. Northerner, I was talking with a friend and mentioned that Joe McCarthy was basically vindicated, that the US government was largely full of communist sympathizers and spies. Having trouble providing solid links to back that up, and not 100% sure even how I became convinced of that. Could you point me to some links?

  3. Here’s a list of known Soviet agents:

    The Venona project found 350 different Americans who were Soviet agents. Here’s a list of the people with code names in them.

    If you need a specific individuals, Alger Hiss is a good example:

    The guy went to Harvard Law, was a Supreme Court clerk, a government attorney, worked for the Justice Department and the State Departmnet, worked on Senate committees,

    The best though was this, he was “Director of the Office of Special Political Affairs, a policy-making entity devoted to planning for post-war international organization, Hiss served as executive secretary of the Dumbarton Oaks Conference, which drew up plans for the future United Nations.

    In February 1945, as a member of the U.S. delegation headed by Stettinius, Hiss attended the Yalta Conference, where the Big Three, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Joseph Stalin, and Winston Churchill, met to coordinate strategy to defeat Adolf Hitler and consolidate their alliance to forestall any possibility, now that the Soviets had entered German territory, that any of them might make a separate peace with the Nazi regime. Negotiations addressed the postwar division of Europe and configuration of its borders; reparations and de-Nazification; and the still unfinished plans, carried over from Dumbarton Oaks, for the United Nations. Before the conference took place Hiss participated in the meetings where the American draft of the “Declaration of Liberated Europe” was created. The Declaration concerned the political future of Eastern Europe and critics on the right later charged that it made damaging concessions to the Soviets.””

    He was a Soviet agent the whole time, he helped create the UN and he was a major player in drawing up the agreement that gave half of Europe to the Soviets.

    Harry Dexter White is another case. Foseti wrote on him::

    Foseti’s done a lot of work on this, but it’s all buried in his archives:

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