Lightning Round – 2015/10/07

A simple plan for improvement.

Setting your agenda.
Related: The media hall of mirrors.

On small work groups.

Salvaging America.

Levels of agency in society.
Related: Time preference and the hippocampus.

America’s most egalitarian ZIP code.

Reaction and technology.

On bikers and exit.

Smarts are a scarce natural resource.

The new blacklist.
Related: The comrades would like to confess.
Related:The state and homosexuals still attacking Christian businesses.

Hestia site redesigned.

Interview with the German identitarian movement.

Urbit white paper. Related.

The Awl on neoreaction, focusing mainly on Land.

Star Wars mythology as political allegory.

Economists and political structure.
Related: Pre-mercantile economics.

ZIRP and youth unemployment.

Interesting times.

30,000 infiltrators.
Related: Germany expects 1.5M immigrants in 2015.
Related: Still think they’re not invaders?
Related: Immigration: Gradually, then suddenly.

Asymmetrical multiculturalism.

America’s market dominant minority.

Genes mirror geography, nations, and culture.
Related: Study: Genetic diversity leads to social unrest and conflict.

Refuting 11 arguments against race.
Related: Racism in the Atlantic.

Zuckerberg’s $100-million donation to public schooling failed miserably.

Social mobility and discount mates.

A roadmap for cheap private education.

Hitlers everywhere. A Hitler they missed.

Sulla is worth admiring.

Mixed-race non-religious shooter singled out Christians in a gun-free zone. Muh narrative.
Related: Mass murderers profile.
Related: The curious case of the Oregon shooter.

Women in the military.

The wedding: a rebellion against modernity.

Book review: True History of the American Revolution.

A real rape culture in South Africa. Can’t wait ‘til the feminists get on this.

Arab Spring.
Related: Insanity in Syria.
Related: Russia has a plan in Syria, the US doesn’t.

The mind of Mr. Putin.
Related: Putin’s tight game.

 On conspiracy theories and endogenous problems.

Opting out of the Benedict Option.

A Chinese tale on male culture.

On cuckolding.

Rise of the soulmate.

Peak fake rape.

The sound of a rebellious woman.

RPing the white knight.

Women primarily to blame for collapse of Western civilization.

Please ignore women in public.
Related: The horrors of sweat-shaming.

Gamma humour.

The one sentence persuasion course.

Mangan has a new book: Muscle Up.

27 ways to be a fag.

In SSC news: Steve Johnson capriciously banned at SSC for triggering folks. The camel’s straw is an amusing thread; Steve talks in cold logical arguments and the others erupt in emotional outbursts, and Steve is the one banned. Rationalists are a funny bunch, they seem to have a hard time sticking to their purported beliefs.
Related comment: “Why is it that whenever we want to build a functional community, we always find ourselves using the neo’s system instead of the one we claim to believe in?”
Related comment: “Scott has decided that NRx is essentially the correct way to see the world but is not willing to pay the social cost required to say so publicly.”

Linux SJW fended off.

Is Milo the last responsible tech journalist?
Related: UN citations.

Crime, other than homicide, is more prevalent in Europe than the US.

Vox discovers anarcho-tyranny, only decades behind Sam Francis.

I don’t believe a word of what I am saying, it doesn’t reflect my current beliefs.

The real cause of global warming.

Ocala Post shows some spine.

Lesbian bishop calls churches to remove crosses, install Muslim prayer space.

Trump would revive Operation Wetback.
Related: Cracked going full Godwin on Trump.

Todd Nickerson, pedophile, writes another article.

Medieval fighting guide.

H/T: NBS, SDA, Isegoria, Roissy, SCC


  1. Also I find this contrast funny:

    “Nita says:
    October 6, 2015 at 9:04 am
    Are we going to rehash the entire debate now? OK then.

    No one claimed that Steve said that women “enjoy” rape. He did say that women benefit (in terms of fitness) from rape, because the genes of successful rapists are obviously (to Steve, I guess) superior.”

    This is Nita on the ban announcement thread.

    This is Nita’s first response to my initial comment:

    “Nita says:
    September 30, 2015 at 2:12 am
    Well, Jim has graduated to snuff stories, so now someone else has to regularly remind us how much women love rape.”

    Literally the first response she made.

  2. “Mixed-race non-religious shooter singled out Christians in a gun-free zone. Muh narrative.”
    Media blackout to protect the narrative? I find it exceptionally odd that after so many high-profile cases, this one is just going… silent.

    Thanks for the links.

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