Lightning Round – 2015/09/29

Come to the dark side.
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On no enemies to the right and HBD.
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Clickbait, clickfraud, and the open internet.

The individualist statist.

Evolutionist X responds on left-right polarization.

America’s Republican guard.

GDP and CPI are broken measures.

The gulag delta.

Immigration is rape culture.
Related: Finland is too boring for refugees.
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South Africa, democracy, and demographics. Part 2.
Related: African demographics.

On stolen land.

Genetic maps of the American nations.
Related: Whatever happened to German America?

Aggravated assault is increasing, contra Scott Alexander.

Why study aristocracy?

A church with no salvation.
Related: Where microaggressions come from.

Race, education, and funding.

Roissy on the Salon pedophile article.
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New OKCupid race attraction data.
Related: You have to have sex with who we tell you.

Jews struggled to be white, but must now give it up because white’s be racist. Related.

The principle of merited impossibility.

Creativity and psychotism.
Related: Feelings mode vs. logic mode.

Mapping the cathedral: Annie Besant.

O’Sullivan’s first law.

Gentrifying Cuba.

Utilitarianism and insect suffering.

The Pope’s bargain.

The shell game of expectations.

Love at first kidnapping.

Rejecting sex with HIV+ is discrimination.

On gender and sex.

Women Rangers were given special treatment to help them pass.

Movie review: Trainwreck.

How the FDA ruins the generic medication market.

A paper on the lack of political diversity.
Related: Cornell job listing: the only qualification is diverse.

Is Donald Rumsfeld a master strategist?

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