Lightning Round -2015/09/23

Scharlach made a new blog.
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Drones are weapons for individuals.

How to return heavy industry to the US.
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The migrant crisis is Greek revenge.
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Juncker’s high time preference gambit.
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Between the brown noses and the brownshirts.

What to do in a restoration.

A tax proposal.

A hilarious rant on Rick Wilson.
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Daddy’s boys.
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Why the left will never get rid of rightest trolls.

The Trump poll revelation.

Clockboy and the human barnyard.
Related: Why they sent Ahmed to juvie.
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Ann Coulter goes off the neocon reservation.
Related: Jewish Republicans and Trump.
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The last reactionary schelling point: free speech.

What to do about the reproducibility crisis in the social sciences.
Related: Pinker: Replicability crisis doesn’t apply to IQ research.

Microaggressions and honour culture.

Governments of law and man.

The biggest prize is the Supreme Court.

The value of being cavalier.


Soros watch.

A recycled plan for Syria.
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Haiti vs. the Dominican Republic.

Final lessons from Sparta.

School Choice: #Cuckservatism.

The soft belly of protestantism.

If there are so many invalid Catholic marriages

Clarity is charity.

We’re the real feminists.

Delta man: rise of the bots.
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Leaning in on their daughters.

Demographics and dating crises.

The Trivium and SJW’s Always Lie.

Never apologize to SJW’s.

Toronto universities take down flyers supporting white student union.

Occam’s rubber room.

Study: Government-run daycare leads to negative outcomes.

Tin pacifists won’t do.

The loonie land of Canadian politics.

Japan closing social sciences and humanities faculties.

On politics and effective altruism.

The normalization of pedophilia continues.

Overlooking pederasty in Afghanistan.

Cardiologists and Chinese robbers.

R/T: Land, Rees,


  1. Thanks for the link, FN.

    I sent Rick Wilson a triggering email just to see if I could get him to respond. He had a twitter meltdown along the lines of “see! they are waaaycist fascists!”

  2. Thanks for the links. They are being used. .
    And WWP ain’t goanna fly. WWH and WWT involved adults, or at least the post pubertal. The SJW over reach and double down will lead to disgust.
    Payback will come. Expect Salon to follow Gawker into irrelevance.

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