Lightning Round – 2015/09/15

Thinking generationally.
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Daily Kaos notices NRx.

Nick rounds up on William Bradford. A formerly hidden reactionary in West Point.

Lies and reaction.

A review of left singularities.
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Two equilibria.

Rule by protocol.

Ironies of democratic alienation.

On the mouse utopia experiment.

Zippy doesn’t see the current system falling any time soon.

Popular government is active government.

New Blog: The Grey Enlightenment. About.
Related: The Soviet Men: Ban recess.

Ban white men from college.
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Weaponized codes of conduct.
Related: Social justice contradictions.

The holy insanity of the immigrant invasion.
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Diversity means defection.
Related: Liberty and ethnicity.
Related: 640 million adults want to migrate to first world.

White privilege: Cops and courts.

Order Force.


Entryists in neoreaction.

The decline of Darwin.

Why do aboriginals have so much Neanderthal DNA?
Related: The great Bantu migration.

Are liberals more competent than conservatives?

The proper role of moderates.

A lost military technology.

Reproducibility crisis  is a crisis of progressivism.
Related: Cancer research irreproducibility.

The tyranny of preferences.

On universals.

The Spartan empire.
Related: The fall of Sparta.

Some amusing videos.

The purpose of doxing.

Vox interviewed by Counter-Currents.

To the manosphere: a Christianity you can respect.

Rotten to the common core.

Divorce risks.

DS on his experiences meeting his gal’s father.

Both men and women are to blame for our ills.

New campaign in the UK to ban sex robots.

Capital campaigns do little to improve student achievement. Surprising.
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Something not horrible from Vox on post-secondary education.

Books on how to fight.

Integrated task force experiment.

The Sad Puppies 4 website is live.
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AIPAC is losing its power.
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Sodomy is not diverse enough.

Scott Alexander reviews Manufacturing Consent.

Rhetoric in action.

Father of drowned child was a human trafficker.

Mexican government arrests vigilante who defeats mob bosses.

People respond to incentives: Chinese driver edition.