Lightning Round – 2015/08/18

I’m taking a blogging break, so I won’t be reading blogs or posting here for the next couple weeks.

Also, for whoever asked me which of Canada and the US are more reactionary friendly: Canada is much more receptive to monarchy than the US, but beyond that it is much the same, although, in Canada, opposition is generally more subdued: you are less likely to have an online mob try to destroy your life. On the other hand, “hate” speech is punishable in Canada, so certain expressions of reaction may wind up in court.

Delta: Don’t put up with it.

The wake-up moment is total destruction.
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Post-historical bias.
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Why kill the GOP?
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This American Life are low-T shitlibs. More.

Another study proving sexual differences in psychology are real.

Don’t let a riot go to waste.

Obama, Trump, and housing discrimination.


Christian masculinity: against the Benedict Option.

Building the body of Christ.

Marriage made more vile.

A sixth Planned Parenthood video is out.

Some hard truths.

Roosh in Canada.
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The hunt for he good bad guy.

Conservative video-maker repeatedly harassed at border by Homeland Security.

Canadian media bias in action.

Scott Adams: living by the odds.

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