Lightning Round – 2015/08/11

I was linked to by Cosmo. Who at Cosmo would read my blog?

Get to work.
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A detailed guide to finding a Christian wife.

The need for thede.

The destruction of civil society by the left.
Related: Mass immigration as a weapon.

When will we know?

A Chinese art magazine notices neoreaction.
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The roots of modernity in perversions of Christianity.

Robert Conquest has died.

Why the pols hate Trump.
Related: How the GOP created Trump.
Related: Trump the alpha. More. Related.
Related: RedState cuckery. More.
Related: Cuckservative speech police.
Related: Crying wolf.
Related: A song for Trump.
Related: Trump’s third party threat value.

Nixon post-debate.
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Why #cuckservative is effective.

Gavin McInnes and cuckservatism.
Related: A note for Gavin McInnes.

A catalogue of lies and pro-constitutionalism.

The absurdity of America’s devotion to Israel.

Genes influence academic ability across all subjects.

Musical dysmorphic disorder.

Free market force.

Ecumenism and tribal Catholicism. More on tribal Christianity.

US State Department tries to prevent Christian testimony about persecution.

Intact fetal cadavers.
Related: 95% of women feel good about murdering their babies.
Related: Planned Parenthood video number 5.

Marriage and family illustrated.

Feminine grace.

Post-divorce reality.

Let women save themselves.

Male sexuality.


Women, math, and the Y chromosome.
Related: Women aren’t in STEM because they don’t know math.
Related: Memes and sex.

Teach your kids about oneitis and the wall.

The terrorist organization known as Gawker.

List of SJW thought police.

Book review: Chronicles of Wasted Time.

Antidem reviews Wright’s dinosaur revenge fiction story.

Sailer reviews Colin Quinn’s book.

The no jerk reaction.

Green Peace founder comes out against global warming.

Videos of Bernie Sanders being shouted off stage. Related.

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