Lightning Round – 2015/08/05

Preparing for the storm.
Related: Some tips for frugality.

Don’t put up with disrespect from your wife/girlfriend.
Related: On discussing sex and virginity with a potential spouse.

The Legionnaire is leaving.

NRx: Areas of research interest.
Related: Passivism.

The cuckservative civil war.
Related: The alt-right.
Related: Disrupting cuckservatism.
Related: Trump as a model white man.
Related: Nazis and cuskervative.
Related: The etymology of cuckservative.
Related: Chuck C Johnson on cuckservatism.
Related: For whom the cuckservative cucks.
Related: Matt Lewis, cuckservative, who’s emboldening the left.
Related: A call to the cuckservative.
Related: Why the Republicans exist.
Related: Dear cuckservative, you won’t win the Latino vote.

Only white males are seen to possess full moral agency.
Related: The first rule of white club.

The structure and genius of ISIS.

Tribal epistemology.

Declining trust.

How we’ve changed.

How to stop mass illegal immigration.

Why the Scandinavians lost their minds.

RIP Hulkamania.

The coming low paganism.
Related: The anti-racist religion.

Mutations in national pluralism.

How cultural marxism is set to ruin GitHub.

The theory of conspiracy.
Related: Conspiracy in action: the Milner Group.

Hoppe on the king.

Some speeches by Henry Wallace.

Do Christians need to learn to hate?

Liberal Christianity must be destroyed.

The minimal usefulness of IVF.

Women, the original entryists. More.

There is no double-standard.

Alphas are bullies.

Another Planned Parenthood baby-organ harvesting video.
Related: Fourth Planned Parenthood video.

Conservatives missed opportunity on #GG.

Rent control in Sweden.

The global warming hoax. Related.
Related: The list of things caused by global warming.

The evolution of profanity.

Clarkhat debates Vox on Ricardo.

The Rabid Puppies goal.


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