Lightning Round – 2015/07/29

Pessimism not realism.

Dressing better

The GOP is performing its function.
Related: How to really win the Hispanic vote.

A cuckservative round-up.
Related: Defining cuckservative.
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Related: The term is blowing up.
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Related: A response to the Daily Cuckservative.
Related: A response to Erick Erickson.
Related: The cuckservative stock is tanking.
Related: Why the weak right is dead wrong.
Related: Response to Ace and Taylor Millard. Vox responds.
Related: 10 signs you might be a cuckservative.
Related: Why cuckservatives cry.
Related: Cuckservative and Reactionary Tree at TNR.
Related: Shit cuckservatives say.

The Cathedral is democracy.

The establishment of an alternative principle of legitimization.

What do you do if demons control the church?

Help Anti-Dem out.

The left eats itself.

The story of Moira Greyland. Related.

Buy or rent and the annexation of American suburbs.

On altruism.

Trade and peace: a story from China.

Historical amnesia.

Keith Stanovich and rationality.

The coordinated narrative.

Mugabe wants white farmers back.

Everette Lee DeGolyer.

White women’s tears.

Colonizing the moon will be cheaper than previously thought.

Rigging academic articles: an anecdote.

The Silicon Valley white-Asian divide.

As Japanese civilization declines.

Why the Islamic State is successful.

What’s Soros doing this month?

Explosions in Malmo, Sweden.
Related: Leftists holding counter-demonstration to right-wing gay parade in Sweden.

Oil won WW2.

Brett Favre singled out for unenthusiastic clapping.

Homosexuals are the pawns, not the enemy.

Meat, sacrifice, and community.

The existential threat to Christianity in the ME.

Hatred of authority is envy, not hatred.
Related: Anecdotes of why men should lead.

Feminist self-loathing.

Semen alters women’s brains.

A husband cannot substitute for a woman friend.

SoBL thinks the open marriage article is fake, as does Roissy.

Psychologists more likely to rate aggressive behaviour by husbands as abusive.

Why is Twitter still employing Randi Harper?

Alpha Male of the Month: Trump.
Related: McCain’s an asshole who’s being out assholed.

GG tactics work against Planned Parenthood.
Related: Gamergate is a model.
Related: Another video of Planned Parenthood haggling over dead baby parts.
Related: The 41 companies that funded Planned Parenthood. Related.

Another study of nature beating nurture.

First nations.

Greece is an economic success (for being a non-market economy).

The wages of socialism: coming soon to a country near you.

At Iowa “anti-bullying” conference teaches middle- schoolers about anal sex.

IRS used donor list to target conservatives.

MPAA plans to use Today Show and Fox to smear Google.

PayPal tries to destroy small business for selling Confederate flags.

Every Salon/Alternet headline about libertarians for 3 years.

A general factor of correctness.

Leftist legal fictions and the atheists who love them.

Freedom on the centralized web.

White Canadians in public housing moved after death threats from immigrants.



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