Lightning Round – 2015/06/10

The updated NRx canon.


Moldbug has been banned from a tech conference. More.
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The purpose of absurdity.
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Neoreaction, state, and taxes.

Gazing into the Kali Yuga. Part 2.
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City and small-town life.
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Rehabilitating the slippery slope.

Socio-civilizational short circuits.

The expansion of anarcho-tyranny.
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The war on cash.
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Replacing the schooling pattern.
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Jews are beginning to feel threatened.

Spandrell says to leave Twitter.

A theory of social technology.
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The circle of equity.

The reality no one wants to admit about Heroin addiction.

Murray on the Albion’s Seeds hypothesis.

The concept of psychopathy makes you weak.
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The double-standards of leftist moral outrage and the Duggars.

An odd study on teen pregnancy.

A boomer marriage of convenience. Heh.

A review of Bryce’s book.


Navigating hopelessness and despair.

The devil’s own and pride.

Lies and righteousness.

 Moose writes a short story: Interesting idea but he needs more practice with fiction.

On Dr. Harley’s marriage destroying advice.

80% of women lie every day.

Feminists: Never happy even when they get what they want, comic book edition.

Questioning what to do when a business partner turns on you.
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#GG gets FCC guidelines for reviewing put in place. Not sure what I think of this.

It’s racist to expect teachers to be literate.

Sailer with some observations on McDonald’s 70’s ads to blacks.

Baltimore wanted less policing, got it. Homicide rates spike.

Diet Coke story probably fake. How surprising.

The replacement of Science with marketing research.

Why Krugman is a Keynesian.
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Both Slate Star Codex and Captain Capitalism mentioned at Cracked in a silly article.

Seems there’s been more plane crashes than normal.

Tobacco does not cause 400,000 deaths a year.

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  1. Dropping red pills on Christian feminists over at Doug Wilson’s blog.

    “In strictly monogamous societies, one where women only have
    sex with their husbands, a sexual cartel is in place. Under this cartel, sex is
    very expensive for men, requiring a pledge of a lifetime of productive income.
    Women under this system despise a slut because she breaks the cartel. She
    undermines the value of sex and threatens the whole system. Once the cartel is
    broken, there is a race to the bottom and sex becomes nearly valueless. This is
    why the Slutwalk is a feminist act, as an overt rebellion against the system of

    This is an old idea and not my own but it occurred to me to
    add the white knight to the cartel system analysis. There is also a value in
    the system placed on protection and provision. (Since paternity is binary and
    provision is not, a provision cartel can never be as strong as the sexual
    cartel.) If protection and provision are provided on demand, with no loyalty or
    monogamy given in exchange, the system is undermined and a woman will be much
    less likely to make a life-long commitment to one man. When a man advocates for
    white knighting or some confused notion of chivalry, he is attacking
    patriarchy. When white knighting is performed on an industrial scale by the
    state, the cartel is destroyed. In that case, men are valued in the mating
    market by machismo not provider status. PUA is downstream of feminism. The
    patriarch despises white knights for this reason. The PUA chuckles at the white
    knight because he increases non-monogamous sexual access. Women also quietly
    despise the white knight as he has neither the value of the patriarchal provider
    or the macho PUA. He has value as a feminist ally but not as a mate.”

  2. That thing on anglo americans is pretty hard to take seriously .Most “americans” are no longer anglo and have no genetic tie to the Founding Stock. It’s wrong from the start

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