Lightning Round – 2015/05/27

Tips for avoiding drama.

A mass exodus from More Right. A new site arises: Future Primaeval.

The Hestia Society has seized control of the neoreaction brand. Will they retain the mandate of heaven?
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Circumstance follows virtue.
Related: Why we even lift. I need to get back to this.

Towards a sustainable life culture.

Retreating from complexity.

Rationalism, the Allais Paradox, and scam vulnerability.

Some ruminations on Kipling.

Monarchy and existential risk.
Related: AI researchers on AI risk.

The great decoupling.

Why mass surveillance?

Why the right must out-radicalize the left.

After economic leftism.

Understanding the Balkans in 60 seconds. Macedonia.
Related: What’s happening in the Ukraine.

Indonesia, Thailand, and Malaysia capitulate to illegals.

Millennials aren’t going to make it.

A story of divorce to illustrate modern family problems.

Irish LARPing.

Reading the classics without trigger warnings.

Waco was exactly like Ferguson until it wasn’t.

A review of the rise of the Benedict Option.

Contemporary liberalism is a suicide cult not a religion.
Related: Social justice as a sacrament.

I think some Anglican priests are in need of a hanging.

Seems Roosh and r/TRP are fighting. Some comments.
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The friendzone.
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Men don’t matter to SJW’s.

The Atlantic on jerkboy charisma.

An analysis of the thirst.

Anti-feminist culture-jamming.

Bitter feminist professor decries that her colleagues chase co-eds rather than her. Some amusement to be had.

Sweden: 15-year-old man falsely accused of rape gets fined for slander for proving his innocence.

Science: Most traits are 49% genetic and 51% environmental.

SJW delenda est.
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Who Jewish billionaires are backing for 2016.

Racial segregation in liberal NYC private school.

On Hillary Clinton.

Asians suing Harvard for discrimination. Diversity camp crumbles.

Giving up on civilized standards in Californian schools.

Pro-gay “marriage” study retracted for using fake data.

Ferguson protestors protesting for not getting their cash for protesting.

Derbyshire on Bill Nye.

Reddit CEO wants to start cracking down on “harassment”.

More on California’s water crisis.



  1. Waco is like Waco all over again, it’s due to Cathedral narrative which comes from the anti-whites in the Washington-Boston Corridor telling each other scary stories about Texans before they go to bed every night.

    Thanks for the links, F.N..


  2. The trouble is that the idiocracy who have ruined Detroit and Chicago and London. Spread. Like Kudzu.
    Thanks for the reading.

  3. You have a bunch of links to Dampier’s site, but after trying on multiple computers & browsers I keep getting error messages and the page fails to load whenever I try to visit. Any idea what is up with that?

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