Pointing the Guns

I generally try to stay out of reactosphere drama. I hate drama; I just want to read interesting socio-political theory, write some of my own, chat and joke about RW politics, and hope that my writing might help a better man understand what is happening so he can reverse the decline or rebuild after it. But somebody asked me about the recent drama surrounding Mike, and so I’m going to wade in.

First, the obvious, Mike was absolutely wrong to try to dox SoBL, and while I enjoy trolling as much as the next alt-righter, his trolling goes past the point of sanity, and doesn’t even seem to have a point, or even humour. His claims to leadership are overblown, as at this point NBS is the closest thing to a leader we have. But despite this, and even if he is not trustworthy, I’ll continue reading his output on More Right, as he does put out some really good stuff, but beyond that NBS had the right of it.

But onward from Mike, to others. First, the thing that set this off was SoBL making a joke implying Mike was gay. Mike definitely overreacted, but he had a legitimate point. Gay jokes at Mike’s expense have been floating around for a long while and the snark directed at him is never-ending. I respect that counter-signalling and friendly ball-busting has its place in male relationships, but Mike obviously didn’t think they were close enough to counter-signal and my impression is that most of this is not in good fun.

The passive-aggressive snarking aimed at Mike needs to stop. If you don’t like the guy or his behaviour, fine. Tell him openly, like NBS did, then block him, and ignore him. If you must respond to something, then openly dispute what he says or object to his actions like a rational man. But the constant passive-aggressive snark, insinuations, and back-biting needs to stop. It is unbecoming of reactionaries; we are not teenage girls or SJW’s.

This goes for not just attacks on Mike, but for attacks on everyone. Thankfully, other than the targeting of Anissimov, this kind of sniping is mostly contained to 8chan and MPC, but still, blue-on-blue is not helpful to reaction, point your guns at the enemy. If you don’t like anime, write about how it is poison and ignore Anti-Dem instead of snarking about him and making insinuations about his sexuality. Think someone “writes like a fag”, don’t read him instead of dredging up years-old blogposts to mock him for the temptations he is burdened with. If you think someone is too pro-Jew or too anti-Jew, fine, write about how how they are wrong, and how others should hate/love Jews as much as you do instead of going into massive shit-throwing fests on /aristoi/. And so on.

I’m simply calling for pointing our guns in the right (left!) direction. We have enough enemies without turning on each other. If you disagree with someone in the alt-right, then write a rational argument to start an honest debate. If you personally dislike someone, publicly and openly denounce/disown (or just quietly block them), then ignore them. If you really despise someone, set up a physical fight and beat hostilities out of each other.

Reasoned debate, even heated debate, is good but everybody should avoid drama and personal attacks. Save the trolling, insulting, snarking, doxxing, attacks, history-dredging, etc. for the left. Turn your guns on the enemy, not on the allies you dislike.


  1. To put it in NRx terms…

    If you throw down a gauntlet, don’t be surprised if Gnon picks it up.

    The gaunlet was the pompous claims that NRx is sovereign and entryist-proof (see for a copy of the claims, since the original seems to be gone-ish: https://vultureofcritique.wordpress.com/2015/02/17/neoreaction-can-always-spew-more-hogwash-than-you-can/).

    The entry-point was subverting the idea of “No enemies to the right and no friends to the left” (see http://blog.jim.com/politics/no-enemies-to-the-left-no-friends-to-the-right-4/). This concept of Right unity seems to be “officially” forgotten with the Hestia society’s new black list: http://www.hestiasociety.org/site/the-official-hestia-black-list/.

    Frankly, I’m surprised. I thought that entry point would be NRx’s utopianism: http://www.socialmatter.net/2015/05/21/retreating-from-complexity/.

    Really? Advocating a monarchy or an aristocracy in the US when NRx is unhappy with America’s extant de facto aristocracy? How does that make sense?

    If NRx is really concerned with future technologies (“robotics, 3D printing, small biolaboratories, the ability to scan every human face and identify every human position by collating public camera footage, Artificial Intelligence, cybernetics, intelligence enhancement, and so on”) causing a world catastrophe. The best solution is what America does with firearms: make them available to everyone instead of giving a sovereign exclusive control.

    If NRx is really concerned with a decline in Western culture or traditions, then NRxers need to embrace Western culture and tradition. That means monogamous marriages with complimentary sex roles, babies, church attendance, classical art/music/literature, and producing new works in the classical style. If you think your culture is better, then embrace it and out-compete the other ones.

    If NRx is really concerned with political governance, where is the passivist political party? If the Mandate of Heaven formula is to become worthy and then accept power, how do NRxers think that they would accept power except through a democratic process wherein the American people offer it via voting?

    Free Northerner, sorry to dump this on your blog. I’ll step off of the soapbox now.

  2. Never follow a member of the Vatican-Roman Church unless you want to live in a place looking like South America.

    N.B.S. wasn’t born a papist and, in becoming one, he has made himself into a traitor of the white race.

    Mr. Anissimov is not in a lukewarm “Church” pretending to be an actual Christian denomination (so as to fool the sheep). He is a “what you see is what you get” sort of individual, which is a very welcome thing in today’s world where there are so many traitors to their own genetics or heritage…


  3. Ironically, this post makes it even worse by linking The Right Drama as if it were a reputable source. I guess you just can’t help yourself. If you can’t help from linking TRD, then how can you ask others to stop generating drama? You don’t even have the self-control to resist the temptation to link to a site written by someone who lives only for drama.

  4. FN: “Hey everyone, take it easy on Mike and quit sniping at each other. No enemies to the right and all that.”

    *Mike snipes at FN*

    Most of the people who read this blog have already seen the TRD articles, or else they were going to see them sooner or later. At least FN is holding them up as what NOT to do. The fact that you’re busting his chops over it anyway doesn’t exactly dissipate your reputation for being touchy and histrionic towards people who would otherwise be inclined to work with you. Doubly funny that you’d criticize the reputability of FN’s links, as he’s linked to you plenty of times.

    One of the reasons people troll their nominal allies is to see if they have a thick skin and can take some flak, or if they’re going to freak out at the first sign of hurtful words. It can go too far and get too personal, but that’s the price of putting yourself out there (it’s also why plenty of people reasonably choose to stay anonymous). If people’s shit talking is really getting to you, I recommend you contemplate this sage advice until it fully sinks in:


  5. Ya, I quietly unfollowed mike a couple of months ago. Every time I saw his tweets it was starting bullshit with yet another random. Men can’t and should not have respect for someone who acts like a 16 year old girl. A well deserved purge in my opinion. Keep up the great work.

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