Lightning Round – 2015/05/13

Boundaries and saying no.

Aesthetics week closes out: Function and beauty.
Related: Banksy and the generational decay of modern art.
Related: From where art springs.
Related: Beauty and subversion.

Dark enlightenment, theory and practice.
Related: Focus on the demoralizing the progressive bourgeoisie.
Related: The Benedict option.

Mere reaction.

The weak Galt hypothesis.

The intelligence industry has been privatized.

Realism and ritual.

On the UK election. More.

Setting the frame.

Jacobin dreams.

Whole Foods and the decline.

Vox accidentally prints the truth on Russo-American relations.
Related: A Russian understands America.
Related: A summary can’t do this justice: read this.
Related: Putin is America’s creation.

The new antiquarianism tries to explain Baltimore. Related.
Related: A conversation with a Nigerian cabbie.
Related: Study finds black mayors hand out government spoils to other blacks.

A time for men.
Related: Cultural room to destroy.

Free vs hate speech is a who/whom question.

Egalitarianism: Functional families create unfair advantages.
Related: Egalitarianism ruins everything.

Freedom and the family crisis.
Related: Divorce and the pressures on men and women.
Related: If we care about poverty we should encourage marriage.

In defence of marriage.
Related: On marital consent.

Trust, leadership, and submission.
Related: How servant leadership is twisted.

Most Christians just don’t get it.
Related: A conversation with a blue-pilled churchian.

Why Paul wrote about women not speaking in church.

Feminism: The alphas won, everybody else lost.

What is neomasculinity?
Related: The Guardian: Boys are a mess.
Related: 10 harmful things mothers do to ruin their sons.

The faith militant.

Praying against temptation.

Is non-nihilist atheism possible? Response.
Related: The atheist morality debate continues. More. Even more.
Related: Lewis’ take.
Related: The need for the divine commander, but not divine command.

Why kids hate nerds and how school is a prison.

You can’t offer a truce to SJWs. Nope.
Related: What the Rabid Puppies are fighting for.
Related: A quick history of the Hugos and the Puppy campaigns.

SJW’s invading open source software.

Vox Day outlines his views on women, violence, and Malala Yousafzai for the particularly stupid.

Remember what I’ve said before: to liberals such as Yglesias, good regulation are those that increase government power at no personal cost, bad regulations are those that personally inconvenience a liberal.

The case for natural stupidity.

Kentucky CPS kidnaps 10 children.

Wind farm company sued for breaking into and destroying someone’s house.

Student failed for not affirming anti-Christian humanism.

Solving the California water crisis.

California failing to make all students above average.

Science: Only 39% of psychology’s studies are reproducible.

Some skeletons from Arthur Chu’s internet past.

H/T: SDA, SSC, Isegoria


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