Lightning Round – 2015/04/22

I just passed 1 million hits this week. Hurrah for the blog.

A eulogy for the Spearhead.

What a good job looks like.

Join the Puppies campaign and get some ‘free’ books here. Vote for what you enjoy.
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Rabid Puppies: Blacklisted but don’t care.
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Why the leftists rage at Rabid Puppies.
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Popular science jumps on the lying bandwagon.
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A response to what is neoreaction.
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An intro to evopsych.

Reaction cannot be coopted by the politics show.

Explaining pop kink.

The corporate slave class.

Authority, influence, and power.
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How progressives purge corporate culture.

On being a racist.

Punching down and liberal cosmology.

Techno-materialism as a drowning pool.

Rumination on death.

Not giving in to despair.

Why you shouldn’t respect the American state.

Hillary embodies America. Related.

A love letter to conservatives.

Demography is destiny.
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US media silence on Russian finances.

Property taxes are inherently unjust.
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HBD and the thrill of transgression.

On Daniel Moynihan.

Science: Executive functions are almost entirely heritable.
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Disease can be racial.

The view from Yuggoth.
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Amateur reactionaries in the Orthosphere.
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Being loving is not the same as being nice.

Cane answers a comment on submission.

Cohabitation produces inferior outcomes to marriage.

Politician being charged with rape for having sex with his wife with Alzheimer’s.

Teacher sues BC school district after false rape accusation based on Law and Order episode.

Oral contraception alters the brain.

The left’s secret raids on conservatives in Wisconsin.

Pinker vs. the singularity. A response.

Nobody reads World Bank PDF reports.

The left is getting more stupid.

FBI admits two decades of “overstated” forensic hair matches.

RotC cadets allegedly forced to wear red high heels for political event.

On the science of sexism in STEM.

9000 Mainers receiving welfare would rather lose it than work.

Pell wrote some satire for Cracked.

The art of turf war.

Corruption is “colour-blind”.

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  1. I read a lot of stuff in this corner of the web.

    That First Things essay on listed above:

    seems incredibly important given what position First Things holds in the thinking religious community. It is almost unfathomable that things have come to this where that publication is speaking of the church preparing for withdrawal from the public sphere.

    I guess this is either some sort of beginning of the end and/or the end of some kind of beginning.

    I often feel this is how the south must have felt in the time period 1855-1860. History has rewritten the civil war as being about slavery. But it was a continued encroachment from the Yankees, not just on slavery, but it every aspect of social, political, and economic life in the same attacking shrill voices as we hear today, based on untruths, fabrications, and exaggeration. When people wonder why rank and rile southerners fought even though they owned no slaves, they should remember this time, of what it was like to be constantly under attack, of a constant belligerence, a smug condescension, like being in a bad marriage and all you want is a divorce. Or war.

  2. Thanks again for the linkage, and congrats on passing up 1 million hits.

    I certainly didn’t set out to write a “eulogy” for The Spearhead, but you are exactly right, that’s what it really turned out to be. Thanks for giving it top billing in the Lightning Round!

  3. Corporate taxes (and the whole idea of corporate personhood in general) are a fiscal hack inexcusable in the age of spreadsheet macros.

  4. If anyone has a “Protestant Question” I would say that the quickest way to turn the U.S. into a Vatican-Roman country would be to turn it into a brown country. I’m surely not the first to notice that either…


  5. As always, thank you for finding some very good stuff in your Lightning Rounds. It’s introduced me to a previously undiscovered corner of thought that isn’t just limited to NRx.

    Regarding a point Mark made, “But it was a continued encroachment from the Yankees, not just on slavery, but it every aspect of social, political, and economic life in the same attacking shrill voices as we hear today, based on untruths, fabrications, and exaggeration. ”

    The south played its part in advocating heavily for centralized legislation when it had control of congress and the senate during the 1820s-1840s. They were essentially the successors to the Federalists.

    It’s not until the late 1840s where a lot of the revolutionary enlightenment thinking and early nationalism of the Revolutions of 1848 in Europe start to influence many in the North. Notice Marx’s writing in publications in the North and Lincoln’s actual endorsement of him on the congressional floor.

    That nationalist wave of the revolutionaries advocated the idea of unity at all costs. You’ll notice it in the radical republicans later and the rejection of “diversity.”

    Correct me if I’m wrong though.

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