Lightning Round – 2015/04/15

A couple mental exercises you could try.

Culture war rules of engagement.

Related: This year’s Hugo nominees are better. Related.
Related: A round-up of puppy slander.
Related: Wright’s work disqualified.
Related: GRRM on Hugo campaigning.
Related: GRRM questions the validity of Sad Puppies’ claims. Correia responds.
Related: GRRM on what next. Torgerson on what next. Both reasonable.
Related: Vox on what happen if reason doesn’t prevail.
Related: GRRM not being as reasonable: trying divide and conquer.
Related: Vox responds and issues a debate challenge. GRRM replies.
Related: Vox responds to the slander against him. He’s having too much fun.
Related: Correia replies to GRRM and GRRM responds.
Related: Wright wants people to lay off Tor.
Related: A question of ethics.

Reversing the demographic winter.
Related: After destroying marriage, Europe needs babies.
Related: Retiring from the game.

Looks like Bryce took himself out. Heard it was health related.
Related: Antidem is dropping Twitter.

More on anonymity.
Related: Anonymity & NRx in Turkey.


Christians need to grow a pair.
Related: The bakery incidences show how fast the leftward ratchet works.
Related: Anti-conscience laws only target Christians.
Related: DS with a different opinion on the bakery debate.

Germans and war.
Related: The Germanization of Christianity.

Germany does not have the will to be a great power.

Heroic reaction.

Blue-eyed privilege.

How Europeans evolved.

Kipling: The Wrath of the Awakened Saxon.

An amusing Fnord.

An alternative to the Gell-Mann hypothesis.

Every now and again a comments section turns up something amazing.

Why Rolling Stone is keeping Erdely.

How egalitarian education misleads parents.

Why women opposed women’s suffrage.

We aren’t running out of oil any time soon.

The wasted heart.

Estimating IQ with brain scans.

Civil service exams making a comeback.

Vancouver’s demographic destiny.

When you can escape the friendzone.

Lawyer claims 13 girls framed fellow student for rape because he was a player.

The NYT lies? How shocking.

Rise in children referred to NHS for transgender treatments.

Rand Paul demands laws against rape and murder be repealed.

How a malevolent AI could take over.



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