Lightning Round – 2015/04/08

Check out my appearance on Ascending the Tower.

Weightlifting routine and notes.

Self-composition over ‘authenticity’.

NRx is about truth.

Glanton’s Law.

The world is indifferent to you.

Anissimov attacks anonymity.
Related: Yuray disagrees.
Related: An “anonymous coward” speaks.

Our Sefton and the collapse of faith.

On moral panics and purges.

On the religious freedom bill.

Behold your new god: Dildolech.
Related: Bowing down.

Christians in the closet.
Related: Religious liberty is dead, stop bowing.
Related: Being pushed to war.

Bakeries allowed to refuse to make anti-homosexuality cakes. Related.
Related: Pizza chain attacked for simply talking to a reporter.

Marriage and underlying structures.

Holiness, chimps, and Cromwell.

Nixon saw what we see.
Related: When Nixon calls.

Carlyle excerpts.

Social justice momma’s boys.

Against singularityphiles.


An evisceration of a silly idea regarding poverty and brain size.

Anime and decadence.

California as a harbinger of death.

A review of the Power and the Glory.

Hybridization theory.

Some thoughts on Christ forsaken.

Why Ted Colt abandoned Christianity.

Resolving the manosphere’s and traditionalism’s views of women.

Romance, Mary, and Christianity.
Related: The idolization of romantic love.

On leadership in marriage.

The chain of corruption.

Wives and lovers.

Rolling Stone retracts UVA rape story.
Related: Sabrina Rubin Erdely apologizes for bad reporting.
Related: UVA frat to sue Rolling Stone.

Another false harassment case.

Pretty white women and Jews discriminate the most in dating.

10 hours a day plugged into the matrix.

Sad Puppies sweeps Hugo nominations.
Related: Vox on setting the trap.
Related: The rabbits respond and drag #GG in.
Related: Dat correction.
Related: Bloc voting in the Hugos. Related.

The purging of white males from the Avengers.

Putnam: the liberal Charles Murray.

Spending thousands of dollars of water on hundreds of dollars of almonds.



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