Lightning Round – 2015/03/18

Good post: Weightlifting and threading needles.

Men need purpose.

Don’t use smiley faces.

The source of gamma delusion. Related.

The Code of Conduct for neoreactionaries.
Related: A new blog to mock NRx drama.

The semitisation of thought.

NRx and Tradition.

On nationalism.
Related: Jim on universalism and nationalism.
Related: Some Evola: The two faces of nationalism.

Culture is more than food or music.

SoBL on the Trike.

Hurlock thinks NRx is drifting from what it once was.
Related: Ideological pinball.

Yuray reviews Anissimov’s book. My review coming sometime.
Related: Counter-Currents’ review.

Semantic communion.

Why modern authorities are generally dishonest manpulators .
Related: The decline of trust.
Related: The grievance cycle.
Related: Why modern authorities are generally dishonest.

Public school and moral relativism.

The consequences of relativism.
Related: An EU framework for the promotion of tolerance which defines the limits of tolerance.

Totalizing intersectionality.

An example of the ratchet.

Google approaches the leftist singularity.

The pozzification of TV.
Related: Are Jews losing control of the media?

Recruiting for WWT.
Related: Porn normalization.
Related: The destigmatization of polyamory is coming. Related.

An indictment of modern college.

Peppermint responds to my usury post.
Related: Despite my recent post on usury, some people deserve their debt slavery.

The Illiad. I think Dampier overestimates today’s public schools.

The economic exploitation of women through feminism.

China on the global finance markets. Related.

Greece and Germany.

Jews are worried about Europe.

Putin is admirable, but not necessarily our friend.
Related: More on Chechens and Nemtsov.

On the ‘stans.

Taleb corrects Pinker on peace.

On the absurdity of religion.

They still want you to man up and marry those sluts.

A story of dread game.

Study: Make-up doesn’t do much.

Study: Student loans reduce a woman’s odds of marrying.

Woman in UK wins right to seek cash payout 20 years after divorce.

Why women do the majority of the housework.

The corruption of health advice.

Diversity = military occupation.

Two cops shot in Ferguson.
Related: Ferguson property values.

Ex-equality chief says it was wrong to try to ban racism.

Ottawa police may guard unarmed military ceremonial guards.

The turning of Little Green Footballs. Related.

Basic errors found in climate models.

We need affirmative action for the unintelligent.

SSC reviews Willpower.

Evolution and the problem of time.

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