Lightning Round – 2015/03/03

Some advice on first impressions with women.

Graduating Gamma: Emotions.

Beauty and marriage.
Related: Anecdotes of why you should be careful who you marry.

The Mitrailleuse’s trolling contest.

A neoreaction research reading list.

PUAs vs. NRx.
Related: Too RP for RP.
Related: Return of Cucks twitter account.
Related: Roosh on racial differences.
Related: Taylor comments.
Related: RoK officially jumps the shark. Off it comes.

Concentric loyalty. A response.
Related: On nationalism.
Related: Common genes don’t form a nation.

The fault line of the culture war is sin.

We are watching entropy in action.
Related: On saving civilization.
Related: Vox: Is democracy doomed?

The new FCC regs: information as a controlled substance.
Related: Leviathan grows.
Related: The left never learns.

From r to K.
Related: They are fleeing as scalps are taken.
Related: An SJW guide to making games.
Related: Truth in anti-#GamerGate.

Liberal American are the biological descendants of the puritans.
Related: Puritan radicalism.

Leftism is an easy excuse for signalling attacks.

Why Henry writes.

Dugin and NRx.
Related: Different mentalities between Russia and the West.

Russian politician murdered.
Related: Clue: Nemtsov edition.
Related: A US-backed assassination?

Feminism and race relations.

Some common sense on student loans. Related.
Related: The political impacts of Ivy grade inflation.

Those evil American students can’t understand teachers with Asian surnames.

There is no progressive heaven.

How America created the Cuban missile crisis.

Transgenderism is anti-male.

TRS guide to diverse literature.

On Ada Lovelace.

Christianity’s killers.

Wake-up call theology.
Related: Sheila Gregoire and Jessica Valenti.

Women seek security and liberation.

Related: Hecklers on campus.

Men more unsatisfied with extra chores in gender equal countries.

Gene for brain size found in humans and close human relations.
Related: More brain science.

 Policy interventions can have a  minor positive effect.

The re-writing of Icelandic climate history.

Merck sued for fraud in vaccine science.

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