Lightning Round – 2015/02/18

Graduating gamma: physical & spiritual.

For the young: surviving public school.

How traditional women can signal red pill guys.
Related: There might not be a wife for you.
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Some basic economics.

Why historical perspective matters.

NRx is a culture of striving rightward.
Related: Anissimov on NRx.

NRx and the 3 estates. More.

Against America now, for America tomorrow.
Related: America is doomed but the West lives on.
Related: The US is old and doomed.
Related: Speculators.

Oil and the SS bust.
Related: The cost-benefit of social policy.

The orchestrated attack on Russia failed.

A cabal of its enemies.
Related: Minimizing politics in your company.

The wealth loss of student debt.
Related: Elementary school college indoctrination.

Fixing science.

The debasement of commonality.

AI, unemployment, and war.
Related: Taking orders from machines.

Why there are no conservative comedians.
Related: Are liberals funnier than conservatives?


The weak have it coming to them.

Where SJW’s come from.
Related: Even NPR is thinking feminism has gone off the deep end.

The TRS troll guide.

What is ritual?
Related: Worshipping the Mao mangoes.

The Germanization of Christianity.

Christendom and tradition.

Why women need a defined line of modesty.

The child outsourcing industry.
Related: The price of destroyed families.

The problems of 50 Shades are overhyped.

Conan the librarian.

On the Canadian flag.

Female Thor ruins Thor.

On “Brianna Wu”.

Another case of the media lying.

The FCC set to devour the internet.

H/T: NBS, Jim


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