Lightning Round – 2015/02/10

 Advice on becoming a man.

Performance and desire.

Nietzschean wisdom.

Advice from 1963 Harvard Business School Graduates.

CC has finished his newest book: the Black Man’s Guide out of Poverty.
Related: Forney reviews D&P’s book on juicing.

An example to follow.

Are men commitment-phobic?
Related: Laura provides some advice on what to look for in a wife.

Women are keepers of the average.
Related: Woman, the degraded aristocrat.
Related: An explanation of hypergamy.

Why Anti-Dem talks of anime.

On tradition and personal growth.
Related: The striver marriage.

The advantages of a large family.
Related: There is no family and therefore no incentive for children.
Related: Children aren’t worth very much which is why we don’t make many of them.
Related: Science: Daycare and social problems.

PRC, sovereignty, and feminism. Related.
Related: Fertility and economic prosperity.
Related: The weak galt hypothesis.

Jargon of the spergs.
Related: The petty materialism of public education.

NRx is always to your right.
Related: NRx and ethnonationalism.
Related: The similarities of WN’s and SJW’s.

Is neoreaction for real? Part 1, 2, 3.

NRx and Opus Dei.

Putin the autist.

Nick with a response to my earlier post of Post-Puritans.

Progressive labour theology.

Why conservatives will lose.

Conservatives may be mean but they’re honest.

Mind control.

The negative pose.

The strange fruit of cultural marxism.
Related: White devils.

Diverity+Proximity=Legislative War.

Fame and SMV.

Stop adding up the wealth of the poor.

NASA and diversity.

Soft equalitarianism is not helpful.

Genes for IQ found.

Genetic super-enhancement must be mandatory.

Mangan on vaccinations.
Related: Vaccine scare mongers.
Related: Measles risk.

Musings on transhumanism.

Related: Another mass rape by Muslims in Britain.

The crusades and inquisition.
Related: Myths of the crusades.
Related: Obama’s drones have killed more than the Spanish Inquisition.

Maybe America is not as screwed as some think.

What academic freedom means.

Stephen Fry and atheist ignorance.

The collapse of tradition in the protestant church.

Women are not exempt from moral law.

Modesty and the church.
Related: Modesty and Driscoll.
Related: Of pants and passion.

Half of divorced people regret their divorce.

The rise of the thirsty slut.

Distressingly low rape numbers on Canadian campuses.

If accused of sexual assault, you are always and automatically guilty.
Related: Another false rape accusation. The mattress-carrying slut.

Hehe… Slate LW notices that feminists are just trolling for problems.

Leftoids, women, and submission.

On working remotely.

The results of being good at math.

Newsman Brian Williams lied about getting shot down.

Two-stage martyr-killer theory of insurgency.

Entryism on Reddit.
Related: Entryism in MTG.

A quick rundown of contemporary Canadian politics.

9-year-old suspended for making ‘terroristic threats’ about a magic invisibility ring.

Denmark has a negative interest rate.

Jews leaving Britain out of fear its unsafe.

Black racist’s will overturned.

Temperature data rigged.

Heroin addiction treatment and society’s ills.

The FCC internet power grab.

Socialism in action: medical shortages in Venezuela. Coming soon to a country near you.

Man’s business destroyed to meet a quota.

Samsung TV that spies on your conversations.

The importance of salt.

The Hugo wars.
Related: The false advertising of SF.
Related: On the Hugo awards.
Related: The rabid puppies slate.

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  1. Re: comparing Obama drones and Spanish Inquisition. It would be good to compare numbers of killed people to their home countries’ populations at the time of of being killed.

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