Lightning Round – 2015/02/04

Advice on becoming a man.
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A list of certifications.

Words from Epictetus.

Men need to prove they can dish out pain; women that they can take it.

Two articles of gibberish on the “redpill right” and neoreactionaries. (land)
Related: A fnording.
Related: Another MSM article on MRA and RP.

Mike has written an NRx ebook. Sample chapter.
Related: A criticism, of sorts.

The leftists’ motivation is hatred of Christianity and Western Civilization.

Society is a racial construct.

The clash of civilizations: 2015.

The happening won’t fix your problems.

The wordcraft culture war.
Related: Leftists of the right.

Some pushback against the puritan hypothesis.

The gameability of meritocracy.

Human self-domestication.

Prog attack: the collapse of the Portuguese Empire.

Intelligence, pick-up, and the suppression of knowledge.

The Parsis are going extinct due to modernism.
Related: The price of wealth.

The contradiction that rules feminism.
Related: Representation and liberty.

Social justice and slave morality.
Related: How middle-class suburban whites are playing the victim game.

The limits of moral argumentation.

Enjoying the race war? Thank the media.

Reporters are spies.

Southern reaction and NRx.

The utility of welfare. Related.

How progressives swallowed the Democrats.

More adventures in pedophile mainstreaming.

Southern European communesia.
Related: Non-existent Greek austerity.
Related: Greek vassals play the victim card.

Putin’s thinking.

The non-existent diversity dividend.

Natural inequality and the parable of the talents. Related. Scott is so very close.
Related: DNA phenotyping.

The results revealed very little evidence of parental socialization effects on criminal behavior before controlling for genetic confounding and no evidence of parental socialization effects on criminal involvement after controlling for genetic confounding.”

Steve Sailer wonders why nobody is talking about the Vanderbilt campus rapes?

The singularity swindle.

The environmentalist religion.
Related: Temperature adjustment.

The practicality of religion.

Mary was not a single mother.

Dalrock’s Driscoll week: Single mothers, baby mamas, disparaging men, & submission.

Women’s lack of responsibility regarding marriage.

Why women have casual sex.

Is the campus rape crisis an example of helicopter parenting?

The Alphabet: tool of the patriarchy.

Woman marries herself.

Men now presumed guilty in the UK.

A story of a man making a foolish mistake. (Or, hopefully, sugarbaby site astroturf).

On the top 1%.

On Wikipedia bias.

Jonathan Chait being eaten by PC. Related. Heh.
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Medical extortion.

Leftists reaping what they sow.

H/T: Nick, HBDC, RPR


  1. Thanks for the linkage.

    I noticed you linked Vox’s post quoting John C. Wright.

    Indeed, that is their motivation.

    And that’s why, to me, it’s absurd to hold Puritanism responsible, for the behaviour of their non- and in fact anti-Christian descendents.

    It’s like blaming parents for the actions of heir runaway children.

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