Lightning Round – 2015/01/28

How to build a better red pill blogosphere.

Three fundamental truths.

A career is not a vocation.

9/10 businesses fail.

A intro guide to practical economics.
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Over a 10-year period most forms of non-permanent birth control are almost guaranteed to fail.

Kill the kulaks.
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What makes NRx unique. NRx Principles.
Related: The necessity of boundaries.
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The responses to Mike’s Frankfurt School post continue.
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Related: Forget cultural Marxism.
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The insanity of student loans.
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A response to Yuray’s claims on education.

Women’s liberation is women’s prostitution.
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Spanish fertility and patriarchy.

Can the state supplant the family?

Alimony and child support: Time to shrug.
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On nerds and women.

The blowback of liberal schemes.

The government paper bubble.

Freedom of speech and government weakness.

A solution to the holiness problem.

The problem of role models.

An experience at Chipotle.

On the fluidity of race.

Le Pen’s lessons for the Anglosphere.


Idiocracy, democracy, and the SotU.

Institutions, Rome, and Carthage.

Usury and chattel slavery.

When Christians turn on Christians and atheists know the Bible better.
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The Anglican church has signed its death warrant.

650k march on Washington in pro-life rally.

A reversal: Bakery accused of religious discrimination for refusing to put anti-gay message on cake.
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Delaying sex leads to better relationships.

Sexual abuse is not egalitarian.

Abortion aborts itself.

Duck writes for a guest post for Roissy: “Who bitch this is?”

Women aren’t in STEM because they are not as good at math.

Feminists complain that Wikipedia is banning anti-GG feminists from making the GG page biased.

Tumblr feminism in Time.

Women outnumber men 2:1 in public service disability claims in Canada.

The ratchet goes on: What it’s like to date your dad. Related.

Free speech killed on Canadian campuses.

America’s new aristocracy.

Commies win in Greece.

Libertarian Brad Spangler turning himself in for molesting his daughter.
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Pink SF is destroying SF.

Designing Twilight Struggle, an excellent board game.


  1. I’m sick of the NRx obsession with their “Progressivism came from Christianity” hobbyhorse. It was dumb when Moldbug first wrote about it (probably consciously or unconsciously trying to distract attention away from the heavy influence of Jewish intellectuals in developing modern liberalism and neoconservatism), and it’s even dumber today now that so many good critiques of this stupid idea are readily available.

    Christianity is a religion focused on salvation from sin and reconciliation with God through Jesus Christ. “Christianity without Christ” is complete nonsense, you might as well talk about “Islam without the Koran”. The fact that some old Time article describes globalism as “super-protestant” just shows that the author was confused about what exactly Protestant Christianity is. I hear critics saying “No True Scotsman” fallacy to that, but one of the oldest tenets of Protestantism is “Sola Scriptura”, so just show me where Christ talks about unified international command of armies and navies, or the necessity of a universal currency, and I’ll concede the point. Otherwise, admit that these ideas aren’t Protestant or Christian in the slightest, even if they may incidentally have been held by certain groups of Protestants at certain points in history.

    Meanwhile I see there’s been a lot of handwringing articles about whether the Frankfurt School caused American liberalism, or merely heavily influenced it. This is hairsplitting. Show me a single country with a meaningful Jewish minority where they don’t constantly agitate to overthrow the majority culture and I’ll take back everything mean I’ve ever said about Jews. The fact is they have a paranoid cultural tendency to be wreckers, and Christendom would be vastly better off if they all just went to Israel and minded their own business there.

    Anyway, great poast! Keep ’em coming!

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