Lightning Round – 2015/01/21

Create your own monomyth.

Stop complaining about your job and go to church.

Science may not be as good a career path as it seems.
Related: Almost half of college grads in jobs that don’t require a degree.

An RP round-up of marriage.

10 women Christian men should not marry. Vice versa.
Related: Your spouse is not your friend.

What to do when she turns on you.

 Wisdom from St. Louis.

Why monarchy?

The Frankfurt School caused progressivism.
Related: Land disagrees, as does Hurlock.

Some European history.

A reactionary is a conservative who has ceased to believe liberals engage in good faith.
Related: Ross Douthat supports reading Moldbug.

Teleofunction not tradition.

Anthropologist: We’re on the brink of collapse.
Related: Apocalypse when?
Related: 3 graphs.
Related: The boomer legacy.
Related: 2084. Heh.

Sound money and societal morality.
Related: Zippy has an e-book out on usury.
Related: Gold, Bitcoin, and reaction.

Women in the workplace.
Related: On fertility and pregnancy.

House of Cards and society.

Government failure.

Nazis were of the left.

The TRS troll guide.
Related: Troll-hunting tips.

Voting is a charade.

Left-liberalism: the diabetes of politics. Heh.

British poll on Jews.

Will reality sink into leftists following Charlie Hebdo?

Candlelight vigils and cavity searches.

Amish Coordination and how the Amish are different.

Rote learning rocks.

On egalitarian art.

On free speech.

Communist rabbits.

Pedophilia and post-modernism.
Related:The promotion of consensual incest.

Was homosexual “marriage” a bridge too far for leftists.
Related: Reality vs. marriage.

John C Wright’s collected apology.

Christian church exploding in China.
Related: Possible revival in Europe.

4 terrible lessons taught at church.

Feminism is for ugly women.

Confessions of a serial rapist.

Feminist loudmouth Shanley  was a racist who dated white nationalist troll Weev.
Related: She’s been melting down on Twitter after being doxed. Amusement to be had.

Marine LePen in the NYT.

Canada enjoys socialist medicine.

Free speech for some in Canada.
Related: Private speech should not be publicly policed.

Socialism: Coming soon to a country near you.

Serial rapist requests euthanasia instead of prison.

Depression, suicide, and social dysfunction.

Immigration math in the US.

White Americans are very white.

MLK birthday party flyers.

Soros bankrolled Ferguson protests.

More journalistic integrity on display.

Getting women warriors wrong.

The pendulum swing in SF.

More on TrackingPoint.

H/T: Isegoria, SSC, DS, SDA, Land


  1. @ Infowarrior: Generally women are more useful to society producing babies than fighting, so most societies should do that, but sometimes survival requires forgoing certain luxuries, like the division of labour.

    @ Johannes: She closed her Twitter a couple days later.

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