Lightning Round – 2015/01/14

Some remedial red pill.

Passion and work.

If people didn’t have debt.

Phatic speech. If only I had read this 20 years ago. Maybe it will help younger mes.

Taki’s guide to good girls.

A warning: Jack Nicholson: “single and lonely and likely to die alone”.

Whores, daughters, and the patriarchy.
Related: Broken hearts, broken windows.
Related: Sex and natural law.

Parental involvement and civilization.
Related: The WP notices that there are a lot of single mothers and that’s not good.
Related: Children of single parents more likely to see domestic violence.

The three laws of behavioural genetics.

The culling of young entrepreneurs.

Modern monarchy.
Related: Beneficial effects of the Hapsburg Empire.

Smash the Overton Window.

Democratic loss aversion.

The break-down of moderation.

The emptiness of the 68ers.

The winners are those who are serious.

12 people killed in Paris by peaceful Muslims.
Related: The world is a dangerous place; the French have let that danger in.
Related: Free speech comes from the barrel of a gun.
Related: Malcolm thinks this may be big.
Related: Charlie was not us.
Related: This is what diversity looks like.
Related: Choose who you serve.
Related: Leftists love Islam.
Related: Je Suis Charlie won’t save free speech.
Related: Did Charlie Hebdo have it coming?
Related: Charlie Hebdo conspiracy theorizing.
Related: On Muslims and Jews.
Related: Tyranny of the minority.
Related: Multiculturalism’s last gasp.
Related: Moral retardation and Islamophobia. More.
Related: Why the left supports Islam.
Related: What will we do?
Related: European views of the nation.
Related: Anti-semitic Israelis and diversity.
Related: Netanyahu vs. Hollande.

NYT covering for Islam.
Related: Media hypocrisy.

FN in France.
Related: Le Pen denounced for calling for peace and democracy.

Deportation is not war.
Related: That’s what separate countries are for.

The coming annihilation of European progressivism.

Supporting #blackbrunch.
Related: On #blackbrunch.

Authoritarianism and adaptive complexity.

Islands of security.

The credibility trap.

The importance of mythology.

Nywracu’s thoughts on religion.

New NRx aggregator: Neoreactive, a competitor to Reaction Times.

NRx at the Catalyst Club.

A bit on the Great Filter.

Just a reminder, there are no consequences for lying journalists.

Singapore works.

More on Japan’s demographic time bomb.
Related: How Japan’s sexual apathy is threatening the world’s economy.

The success of Egypt’s junta.

On Nigeria.

Liberalism is a sin.

RP hope in the RC church.

The wake-up call view of marriage.
Related: An analysis of Stanton: Part 1, 2, & 3.
Related: How Christian counseling destroys marriage.

Churches unleashing the feral woman.

The downside of the soul mate myth.

We might not have so much divorce if people put as much effort into marriage as revenge.

Women playing for sympathy not truth.

13 examples of why women lie about rape.

The sex ratio is getting worse for men.

Thought crime at Dalhousie University.

Heh, spoiled girls.Related.

Marissa Mayers struggling at Yahoo.

A little story of women in STEM.

The tolerance of homosexuals.

Putin: 10th most admired man in America.

What gamergate taught us about social justice.

Horrifying civil liberties predictions for 2015.

Thoughts from Thomas Sowell.

The prohibitionist’s dilemma.

Bad policies based on fragile science.

The decline of science fiction.

Cracked discovers the wonder of government programs.

5 uncomfortable truths about Cracked.

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