Lightning Round – 2015/01/07

Kicking ass in the new year.
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Ignore the women, get to business.

Mutiny in the marriage.
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Debate tips.

Young men: things to consider before becoming a doctor.

The cruelty of feminists. When will nerds learn, the left hates them.
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Moving beyond the RP horror.

On #metalgate.

Better reading habits for reactionaries.

What is neoreaction?

Liberals cannot comprehend the dissident right.

A call for a post-modern paganism.
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Related: Yuray sets them straight: you cannot create your own religion.
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Overdomestication and dysgenics.
Related: Japan’s demographic time bomb. Related.
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A natural solution to pathological altruism.

The rising anti-immigrant tide in Europe.

Liberals and self-esteem.
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Confessions of a reluctant culture warrior.

The rot was present in the 50’s.
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The illusion of defeat.

Duck in the Washington Post and Daily Mail.

How to stave off the r-selected.
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The Great Axis Rebellion.


The median voter and democratic activism.

Santa won’t save us.

Sacrificing to Mao.

FB and the destruction of private life.

An analysis of Interstellar. Go see the movie.
Related: I was going to write a short red pill analysis of It’s a Wonderful Life after watching it, but Rollo beat me to it.

New York and coups.
Related: The anti-cop pose is a libertarian strategic error.

The drug war as ethnic war.

Anti-asian discrimination.

Scalise being purged for speaking to EURO.

On the prime mover.

On taking the name of the Lord in vain.

Preparing your children against peer pressure.

How usury made the sexual revolution inevitable.

Pastor who has same sex attraction marries woman.

Why is it so hard to get married these days?

How to close the gender pay gap once and for all.

The institutional oppression of men.

What the charge of ugly feminists does.

The irrational fear of no.

53% of Indian rape cases were found to be false. Related.

Cucuo stepping off the feminist reservation.

Contented women don’t facebook.

@SuperSpacedad brings the hilarity.
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The Wikipedia cultural marxism changes.

The unity of the Mongol horde.

West Hunter doubts the claim that killing is difficult.

Modia and Mundia.

Scott reviews What’s Wrong with the World. I got to start reading it again.

Scotland investigating offensive tweets.

Ontario Human Rights Tribunal rules ‘female only’ ad violation of human rights.

“Peaceful” mob storms ceremony honoring 100-year-old vet.

Anarcho-tyranny: Wine edition.


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