Lightning Round -2014/12/24

 The Christmas season is upon us. I’m taking a break and won’t be writing much, if at all, during this time. Don’t expect anything new here over the next couple weeks. If this Lightning Round isn’t enough to tide you over for the Christmas season, check out the Reaction Times feed for more writing. Merry Christmas and a happy New Year.

A Christian Man’s Guide has been updated and re-released for free.
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The Red Pill Handbook, a collection of top Reddit TRP posts, is now available for free download.

On romance.

The shit-test encyclopedia.

The truth of the friendzone.

How to handle private vice.

Why people drop out of the edgysphere.

White privilege as normative commons.
Related: The purpose of “privilege”.
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Where are the American gulags?

The right needs to embrace its extremists.

 More on the deep state.

Academia and the corporation.

Links between NRx and propertarianism.
Related: The basics of propertarianism.

A monopoly on violence.

Denial of evolution and dysgenics.

The progress of psychology.

War is easy, peace is hard.

Why a bachelor tax won’t work.
Related: Fathers [sometimes] matter.
Related: Marriage rate declining due to porn. Vox comments.
Related: Divorce dominoes.
Related: The vanishing male worker.
Related: Young men exiting Britain en masse.

Once lost, chastity is gone forever.

The cracking-up of the left.

The political ends of the UVA hoax and Emily Renda.
Related: UVA Jackie stole her love letter from Dawson’s Creek and Scrubs.
Related: A cop’s personal experiences with false rape claims.
Related: Beejoli Shah makes a (possibly fake) rape accusation.

Actual gang-rape at a campus. Wonder why this didn’t create a media firestorm?

On rage and why the media ran with Brown and UVA.
Related: Why the media highlights dubious stories.
Related: Bird-watching: Where an absurd example already occurred.

On the millennial grasseaters.

The success of youthful wunderkind often hides significant advantages.

Is digital civilization sustainable?

Religion, prosperity, and morality.

An intro to the ENR.
Related: European neo-reaction. Not the same as neoreaction.

Season’s greetings to American Jews.

Entitlements as nation-state glue.

Epistemic horror.

Al Sharpton and kakistocracy.

Sweden’s volunteer auxiliary thought police.
Related: Troll hunters.

You asked for the police state.
Related: Two cops killed in retaliation.
Related: Media megaphone contributed to cop killing.
Related: 4GW in the US.

DS does not think adultery is grounds for divorce.

The parallels of usury and birth control.

The atheists have made a 10 commandments for atheism. Heh.
Related: A deconstruction.

Professor suspended for defending free inquiry on campus.

Women are not naturally good.

Top 10 feminist fiascos of 2014.

A pathetic creature.

Can a man who married a feminist be saved?

The lumbersexual.

Be careful of “pro-male” women.

Teaching rape law in law school is triggering.

Zoe Quinn and ant-GG attack Hotwheels and try to destroy his income.

Political correctness overrides security.

If you want grandchildren, don’t eschew a traditional division of domestic labour.

Science: View of cheating different between the sexes.

Absurd Cinderella law in Britain.

Instead of protesting, give 10%. The old ways work.

The cost of public health insurance.

17,000 Germans march in anti-Islamification march.

An actual backlash against a Muslim (conservative who wrote a satire of SJW’s).
Related: #Illridewithyou based on a hoax.

Posturing instead of fighting.

White men: the Navy doesn’t want you.

New anti-gun PSA encourages children to engage in multiple dangerous crimes.

Area Catholic offended by the phrase “Merry Christmas”.

Vox takes on troll Andrew Marsten.
Related: Vox deals with trolling seriously.

Wright outlines the notes behind his writing. I really want to read this series now.

A tale of secession.

H/T: SDA, Legionnaire, Steve, SSC, RPR


  1. From this article: “Science: View of cheating different between the sexes.”

    “Consistent with this evolutionary perspective…”

    As if the idea that sexual infidelity is more upsetting to men than women is somehow tied to the Theory of Evolution, rather than just plain common sense noticing how it is that sexual reproduction works.

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