Lightning Round – 2014/12/17

Be the man.

Embrace the barbell.

Cultivating gratitude.

How to be based.

A Christmas benediction.

The bum mentality.

When to white knight for family.

For women: 5 ways you are unknowingly destroying your husband and killing your marriage.
Related: When a women isn’t in the mood. Part 2.

A life plan for women who want it all.
Related: Heartiste dissects how to spot a PUA.

Pity your enemies.

You don’t win converts by being rude.

#GG anti-bullying campaign cost Gawker over $1-million and resulted in firings.
Related: A petition to stop Gawker.
Related: Just a couple pages of anti-GG tweets.
Related: A debate between Hotwheels and wannabe-chekist Arthur Chu.

Metalgate starts a slow burn.
Related: What is metalgate?

The deep state. Related.
Related: The Cathedral, shallow state, and deep state.

Game theory, mass media, and the Asche experiments.

No room to breathe.

Megaphonics. What discussion means.
Related: Mass media is over.
Related: The media’s problems are bigger than Rolling Stone.

The fake campus rape crisis.
Related: Feminist facts don’t align with actual facts.
Related: Women lie about rape.
Related: The girls who cry wolf.
Related: “To SJWs sexual assault and misconduct aren’t bugs, they are features.”
“College must be difficult for white, straight coeds, because it’s so hard to be a victim. You’re not black, you’re not gay, you don’t have leprosy — what can you do to acquire victim cool? Join the rape club!”

UVA story has more and more holes.
Related: Was it made up simply to make a man jealous?
Related: UVA, Erdely, and Renda.
Related: More on Renda.
Related: Emily Renda’s Senate testimony.
Related: Shopping around for rape victims.
Related: Steve examines the media dulling down.
Related: The real villain: Charles C Johnson. Visit him here.
Related: More on Jackie’s scam.

Woman makes false rape claim, gets caught, killed herself. Now she’s a martyr to feminists.

Man being charged with rape for being intimate with his dying wife suffering from dementia. He’s also a Republican. How much do you want to bet this is political? Either that or Linda Dunshee and Suzan Brunes are horrible people trying to get some inheritance. Possibly both.

Rapes the media avoids: Terry Bean.

Feminists need support from men.

SJW’s self-justifying student loans.

Why millenials are garbage.

On Meditations on Violence.

Against torture. Something I’ve changed my mind on over the years.
Related: The feigned outrage over torture.
Related: Torture reports reveals Americans are pussies.
Related: It’s not torture. Also, a comparison to the martyrs.
Related: The two torture standards.

Political correctness and actual correctness.
Related: Retarded white guilt.
Related: Only black lives matter, if you believe all lives matter you’ll be forced to apologize.
Related: White pussy Anderson Cooper celebrates the murder of his ancestor.
Related: Anti-racist statue destroyed for racism.
Related: White left-wing protester at Ferguson riot attacked by blacks with hammer.

Young woman burned alive in Mississippi.

Embrace cultural Marxism.

We can’t do anything.
Related: Secessionism in the Daily Beast.

Varied thoughts from Nydwracu.

Capitalism sucks.
Related: The origins of money. Related.

On natural rights.

Gruber, vice, and socialism.

The rise of Putinism.

The tyranny of value.

What is the proximate signal of shifting life history strategy?

On gassed furries and culture.

Honor the martyrs.

Once you have entered a wrong alliance.

Chaplain reprimanded for citing Bible in suicide prevention training.

California university kicks Ratio Christi off of campus.

Treachery against men in a men’s group.

Masculine runes.

More on rhetoric with an SJW.

If they don’t teach 13-year-olds hedonism, PP might run out of children to murder.

Man tells another man about wife committing adultery. Also comments.

The appalling stupidity of modern feminism.
Related: Some amusing feminist comments.

Advanced level black-knighting.

NYFD drops physical requirements to recruit more women.

High heels as a signifier of femininity.

“Ethicist:” Post-natal abortion is A-OK.

The nowhere people.

The madness of Queen Shanley. An odd theory at the end.

PJ O’Rourke watches Girls.

Anita Sarkeesian plagiarizes Cpt. Capitalism and lies about harassment.

The #Illridewithyou girl has issues.

What it’s like to be a 58-year-old virgin.

More sterling reporting. Indeed.

Soon the internet will be impossible to control.

Your personal health records will be everywhere.

Denmark unveils new sex-ed plan: Have babies.

Use of force.

19th century terrorism.

The failure of the science process.

Insane PC Christmas shopping tips.

Hard and soft SF.

Forney reviews the Overnighters. Sounds interesting.

Need more reason to watch Interstellar: Read Jacobin Mag’s review.

A question with an obvious answer. The global warming hysteria was never about warming, it was about expanding government control and attacking capitalism. Geoengineering doesn’t expand government control, hence it’s not a ‘real solution’.

Man uses semi-automatic pistol for Russian Roulette.

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  1. Re: Russian Roulette link.

    “Nobody can be that dumb[…]”

    People become dumb when drunk. Homicidally dumb when drunk enough.

  2. Dennis Prager: “That is a prospect that should get any rational woman into the mood more often.”

    Lol, as if most women are rational adults. See my post about relationships for a much better approach.

  3. And if you want to bond your woman to you, see my post about bonding sex. If your woman is not flirting with you continually and frequently and chasing you, Houston, we have a problem.

  4. Two long posts by Prager and not once that I saw, did he say “Because God told you not to deny one another.”

    Just another guy standing up for marital rape laws.

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